I Love These Lizards!

I had three slowworms once; I don’t think you can get them anymore. They were about the nicest lizards you could ever meet. They had these bright little faces, grew to be really tame in next to no time, and seemed very quick to learn. Honest, they’re not a bit like snakes.

My slowworms died because of stuff in the environment. I fed them worms and slugs and bugs that I caught outside, never suspecting the ground was tainted with assorted pesticides from years back. Their appetite for pests is why they’re so welcome in English gardens.

Yes, I miss my good little slowworms. If it seems strange to talk about lizards having personality–well, no one who really knows lizards would think that.

What Are Slowworms?

Hi, kreeg-ah, Mr. Nature here. I have been asked, “What are slowworms?” Well, the little fellow in the picture is a slowworm, lapping up a drop of water.

Slowworms are small legless lizards from Europe. You might wonder how you tell them apart from snakes, but once you’ve seen them, you’ll appreciate the difference.

Slowworms are a nice bronze color with engaging little faces. They make good pets, if you can keep them supplied with live food in the form of slugs and earthworms. WARNING: Slugs and earthworms pick up any pesticide that’s been tossed around the neighborhood, which makes it easy to poison your slowworms. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Slowworms tame quickly, they learn to recognize you and take food from your hand, and if nothing bad happens to him, a slowworm can live for up to 50 years. And of course, large-scale habitat destruction throughout Europe is whittling away at their numbers.

Still, here we see again that God knows how to put good things in small packages.