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Down whith “Mr. Nature’!!

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One of “the” Things i hat abote this hear stopid blog is that Biggit “Mr. Nature” that stopid lee lets “come in” hear and rite abote aminals “and” stuff! Yiu see “whatt” a big dum Idjit thay is, he dont evin know “how” To spel Natchure!!!

Thay shuld ouhght To boath be Put “in” jale for Evilution Denile and al the Time talkin abote God like God he is reel or somthing!! Yiu can eesly see that thay Are boath not Interllecturals lee he sayes he wented to Collidge but i dont beleave him and evin iff he “did” thay shuldnt give No boddy no collidge degreee if thay dont Beleave in Evilution!

and Like iff that is nott Bad enouhgh i bet haff the Animales he rites “abote” thay isnt evin reel! i hate al them stopid Catt vidios tooo!

If yiu can “see That’ pitctre up thare it is a pitcure i seen “this Moarning” it is caled A Cat Sharck and it is reeler than Al them stopid made Up annamals thay put on This dum blogg it livves in the Spacific Ocen arond Newark or somwear and it Evolvved becose of Trans Fobbia! that is waht ical Reel Natchure!!

I amb so sick of tham sayin ‘”Gods Stuf'” al the time and i dont know How “thay” get aweiy whith it! Dont the Consattutin it say yiu cant Never say “god” or other religgin stufff?? Becose if yiu “say” that it menes yiu are Aunti-Sciance!!!

Jist yiu weit till Hillery she is Pressadint!! i seen her book tooo and She is actrually getting Yonger! That is becose she “is” Evolvving tooo! Anyhow she “wil” putt a Stop to al this Aunti-Sciance talk and hat speach!!!


Sanity Break: The Pangolin

No,it’s not an animated pine cone. It’s an animal some of you have never heard of–the pangolin.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with a look away from the news–basta, basta! as they say in Italy–and toward some more of God’s cool stuff. Pangolins live in Asia and Africa, eat insects, and are protected by an armor of keratin scales. Keratin is the stuff your hair and fingernails are made of. The pangolin is the only animal in the world that has such scales.

The pangolin in this video is a pet enjoying a nice mud bath. In the background you can hear the owner muttering about what a job it’s going to be to clean him. Ah, well, it’s one of the things we do for our pets. Because we love them, and then love us, and the Lord Our God loves both them and us.

The Marine Sloth

Is this a cool animal, or what–a sloth that lives and feeds underwater?

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with another retro critter whose like seems to have vanished from the earth–the marine sloth. It’s even kind of hard to imagine such a creature.

Please ignore the heavy-handed Evolution fairy tale, this being the only marine sloth video I could find. They always wind up talking about acquired traits, ignoring their own findings that DNA is terribly conservative and doesn’t work that way. Just enjoy the animal for what it is, or was–another example of God’s creative work.

By Popular Demand: Painted Turtle’s Courtship Dislay

Hi, Mr. Nature here. And I promised “Unknowable” he would see a turtle’s courtship dance today, so here it is. There’s actually quite a lot of video on this subject, but most of it’s a little muddled.

The male painted turtle has the long claws for gently caressing the female. The female is larger than the male in this species.

Most North American water turtles are closely related, even if they look very different from one species to another, so it’s not unusual to see a young, inexperienced painted turtle trying to court a false map turtle or a red-eared slider.

Our poor turtle was trying to court a ceramic turtle, which produced from him a very long and drawn-out courtship ritual during which he tried every trick in the book. We did not foresee this when we thought this would be a nice little decorative touch for his surroundings, and installed the fake turtle. He couldn’t tell it from the real thing, and it must have been a trying experience for him.

Attack of the Killer Koalas

When my Aunt Gertie visited Australia, she declined to have her picture taken cuddling a koala in her arms. At the time, I thought she was overdoing to caution.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with something I never knew about koalas–don’t tick them off! I mean, really, all the koalas I ever saw, till now, never seemed to do anything but make like cozy little teddy bears. I should’ve known better. Here are two of them in a zoo, where by now they ought to have learned how to get along together, winding up in a Pier 6 brawl over a favorite perch. Don’t worry–neither of them actually got hurt. My two cats act like this all the time, shame on them.

I don’t mean to persuade you to change your minds about koalas. No, I was just surprised to learn that they, like everybody else, have tempers.

Another Mystery: Lake Baikal Seals

Image result for images of lake baikal seal

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with yet another zoological head-scratcher: the seals of Lake Baikal.

So what’s the mystery? They’re just another species of seal, right? Ah! But consider where Lake Baikal is–in the middle of Siberia, north of Mongolia. In fact, it contains more fresh water than any other lake in the world, and has no outlet–repeat, no outlet–to the sea, which is hundreds of miles away. And these are the only exclusively fresh-water seals in the world.

How did they get there? It’s not like seals are well-equipped to travel overland for any distance. It’s hard enough for people to get there from the sea, let alone seals. And yet there they are, perhaps as many as 100,000 of them. How in the world did seals wind up in Lake Baikal?

Nobody knows.

God’s creation is more complex than we will ever know, and it will never run out of hard questions to pose us as we study it.

A Mystery: Fiji Island Iguanas

Image result for fiji island iguana

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with a mysterious animal–the two iguana species of the Fiji Islands. The one in the picture is a male banded iguana.

What’s so mysterious about them? Well, members of the iguana family are almost exclusively New World lizards–so what are they doing in Fiji, thousands of miles away from the iguana homeland? On islands, no less, with the Pacific Ocean in the way? They’re really quite similar to American iguanas in most respects. But it would be hard for them to wind up much farther away from where you’d think they belong.

How did they get there? It’s not like they could build miniature Kon-Tiki rafts. Anyway, no one knows. They’re just there.

The Fiji iguanas are rare and endangered, as island species often are. The government of Fiji endeavors to protect them, but that doesn’t stop some people from acquiring them illegally. So don’t buy one! They’re all needed to keep on mating in the wild.

It’s a beautiful creature, though–the Bible says the Lord delights in His creation, and we believe it.

The Porbeagle Shark

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with the shark that has a funny name.

You never hear much about the porbeagle. It looks a lot like the great white, to which it’s very closely related. It’s a really good idea to get out of the water rather than place confidence in your ability to tell the two apart. But the white shark is notorious for attacking human beings, and the porbeagle isn’t. One wonders why.

Apparently God, when He was creating sharks, used pretty much the same template to create two species with very different behavior patterns. And the more you think about that, the more you wonder.

Introducing…. the Quokka

Even Mr. Nature doesn’t know everything about nature; so when “Watchman” asked if I’d ever heard of the quokka, reputed to be “the happiest animal in the world,” I had to say no. Nevertheless, there is such an animal and here it is.

I think they look like a cross between a kangaroo and a teddy bear. They live on scattered islands off the coast of Australia, and are zealously protected from overattentive tourists who just can’t get enough of them. Unlike most kangaroos and teddy bears, quokkas are very good at climbing trees.

God’s stuff–we never run out of things to love and admire in His handiwork.

A Nice Big Katydid

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with a thrilling tale from our kitchen.

Yesterday Mrs. Nature was making supper when she suddenly screamed. “What’s going on out there?” “It’s in my pants! It’s in my pants!”

Sure enough, it was a big bug crawling up her leg inside her pants–our cats were totally fascinated–and then it fell out on the floor. She thought it was a praying mantis at first, but it was just a harmless katydid. Relying on camouflage for protection, these move slowly and their leaf-like wings make a nice safe handle by which to pick them up and release them outdoors.

If you turn up the volume on this video, you can actually hear some katydids in the background. It’s one of the sounds of summer, katydidding away at night. It’s some of God’s stuff, and a joy to listen to.

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