Biden State Dept. Goes Mad

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A leaked email reveals that in a few days the State Dept. is going to announce and appoint a “Special Representative for Equity and Justice” whose job will be “strengthening democracy worldwide”–yes, they said worldwide–according to “the core tenets of President [sic] Biden’s foreign policy” (

SloJo has a foreign policy? What do you win if you guess what it is?

This is really something. Who knew they were that crazy? These dindles have already wasted almost a billion dollars (!) trying to bring women’s lib to Afghanistan. Didn’t work, total fail. Are they going to work their way through the alphabet all the way to Zimbabwe? Hey, it’s “Worldwide Racial Equity”! Engineered by doofuses in Washington. It comes from The Regime’s “Equity Action Plan” drawn up by idiots in April.

I mean, really! They’re gonna do this worldwide? Remake every country into whatever SloJo thinks it ought to be? What if a country doesn’t want to be remade?

We are in deep, deep trouble…