The Jerry Nadler Doll

The Fundamental Transformation Toy Co. has come out with a brand-new doll that’s sure to be a hit with the kiddies!

Inspired by Rep. Jerry Nadler’s unconventional way of going about “saving our democracy,” the doll has been named “Oopsie Poopsie”. Fundamental Transformation’s CEO, Alvin Khrushchev, says: “You remember the classic doll, Betsy Wetsy–you put water in one end and it came out the other. Well, Oopsie Poopsie’s pretty much the same, only with chocolate syrup instead of water. But unlike Betsy Wetsy, Oopsie Poopsie helps preserve our democracy! And the super-deluxe version even sidles awkwardly away from you–just like Mr. Nadler took off for the rest room.”

Several Democrat governors have already issued individual mandates requiring the purchase of an Oopsie Poopsie doll.