A Valiant Little Fish

When I was ten years old I did most of my fishing in Tommy’s Pond, and most of the fish I caught were these little pumpkinseeds.

But don’t sell them short just because they’re small. After the female lays the eggs, the male guards them. Come close to those eggs and he will go for you, never mind that you’re a hundred times his size.

These are very colorful little fish. I tried to keep small pumpkinseeds in the aquarium with my goldfish, but they picked on the goldfish (who didn’t deserve it) and kept jumping out of the tank. They couldn’t jump back in.

Tough Sledding!

It snowed yesterday, I had to clear my car and make a run for supplies… so I gave myself a reward. I went out of my way to visit Tommy’s Pond, my old sledding spot, just to see if anyone were still enjoying it. A man was there with his three kids and two toboggans. He gave me a big smile and I gave it back. Happy memories galore!

Oh, yeah–break out the old Flexible Flyer and hit the slopes! Or you could skate on the pond. Or both. It sure beat sitting there in school all day.