You Can’t Make Me!

Concept of Brainwashing and Thought Manipulation. 2291398 Vector Art at  Vecteezy

It’s an article of humanist faith that human hearts and minds can be shaped any way we please by means of “education,” intimidation, violence and coercion–breaking eggs to make the omelet. That they never get beyond the egg-breaking stage doesn’t seem to concern them.

And so we have one social engineering project after another, all of them based on “This time we can do it!”

Only the Holy Spirit can change the heart; and only the acquisition of knowledge can change the mind (and even knowledge won’t change the stubborn mind). But they go on and on with one project after another, thinking they can mold us into whatever shape they like by yelling at us, browbeating us, throwing mandates at us, telling us what we should love and what we should hate, propaganda, indoctrination–and, of course, lying: feeding us “information” that isn’t true.

Like, who needs the Holy Spirit when you’ve got the government, schools and colleges, social media, nooze media, and Hollywood?

We do!

These projects have always failed because they go against God and human nature. And who can begin to calculate the wasted wealth, the ruined lives, whole countries reduced to beggary and lawlessness, and the freedoms sacrificed for empty promises?

May the Lord our God defend us, and give us the tools we need to defend ourselves–and faith: the shield of faith.