‘Don’t Let Us Catch You Praying!’

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“Ooooh! What you just thought!”

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Is Britain still going to be here by 2100? I have my doubts.

So now they’ve got a law against “protesting” within 500 feet of an abortion clinic (that’s a place where they kill babies). “Protesting” includes prayer–even silent prayer (https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2023/january/uk-abortion-clinic-prayer-buffer-pspo-religious-freedom-adf.html).

What? How do they know you’re praying silently? Do they read your mind?

This isn’t quite a law yet, although people have been arrested for praying and charged with I don’t know what–felony prayer, maybe? It’s a Public Space Protection Order. Its supporters want it to become national legislation applying everywhere in the UK. Currently it’s only “sorta” law in a few major cities. I guess if you’re out for a walk in the country and you pray silently, they can’t bust you for it. Yet. The almost-law went on the books last year.

Supposedly this creates a “safe space” around the abortion abattoir. Ain’t too safe for the babies, though, is it?

What if some violent gang member, hired as a police officer to meet a Diversity Quota, just, well, thinks you’re praying silently–you look like you might be doing it–and clubs or tazes you just in case? 

Our War for Independence has never looked like such a good idea as it does now.