Deep State: The Next Generation

AG Merrick Garland must call off war on parents: Devine

Here he is, Merrick Garland–front man for the Deep State! We have no idea how many goons and snitches he has on his payroll.

(I’m thinking of expanding this into a Newswithviews piece, but first I’ve got to jot it down while it’s still fresh in my mind.)

What would you think of a child who said, “I want to be in the Deep State when I grow up!”

Uh… why?

“Because then you can do anything you want to anybody and never get in trouble for it! You don’t even have to think about telling the truth–ever! Even the freakin’ president can’t touch you! If he rocks the boat too much, just get rid of him… like they did to Trump.

“If you’re in the Deep State, even if you get caught doing something really bad, you don’t go to jail or nothin’! You just, heh-heh, ‘resign’–and then you hit the cable news shows and make piles of money.”

Sinners don’t need much encouragement to sin, but jeepers creepers! Fixing elections, taking down the president, spying on parents who are cheesed off at their school boards–I’d be mortified if any child of mine wanted to do stuff like that for a living.