Are Women Addicted to True Crime Stories?

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(Oh, for cryin’ out loud…)

One of the most popular genres in (gulp!) entertainment today–maybe even the most popular–is “true crime.” And there’s a lot of buzz on the Internet these days about most of the true crime audience being women: 8 out of 10 true crime podcast viewers, says The Daily Mail, are women (

If left to my own devices, I might watch one-tenth the number of true crime videos that my wife watches… if I watched any at all. Some of it strikes me as prurient. Some of the unsolved cases are intriguing; but mostly it’s solved crimes that get the audience.

I have no idea how credible are the male/female true crime viewer stats. My wife says she watches these because it’s so satisfying to see the criminal brought to justice. Well, heck, I thought everybody liked that. Everybody wants to see that. Because we don’t see anywhere near enough of it in real life.

One thing about true crime: they’ll never run out of it. How many of our government big shots are crooked? How many of our elementary school teachers are morally corrupt? And don’t even ask about shyster lawyers and evil Hollywood.

Yeah, I think I’m beginning to see the attraction. In most of these stories they catch the monsters and put them away. That’s attractive.