What? No $450,000 Payment to Border-Jumpers?

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Well, the Biden gang got caught “negotiating” with the Far Left ACLU a scheme to pay illegal aliens $450,000 each, so now it’s not going to happen (https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/victory-doj-scraps-450000-payments-to-illegal-invaders/).

Got your barf bag handy? The payments, says the ACLU, were to be compensation to “little children abused by our government,” boo-hoo. Like, this hardship was totally super-easy to avoid! Just don’t bother dragging kids across our border illegally.

Once the whole country knew what these villains in Washington were contemplating, the scheme fell apart politically. I don’t know about you, but I sure could use an extra $450,000! Quick–what law would I have to break to get it?

Oh? I don’t get it. This is money sucked out of the incomes of American taxpayers to pay off foreigners who knowingly violated our laws? Ah, now I understand.

This is what happens when Democrats run things. Stolen elections have consequences.

National School Boards Assn.: Now They’re Sorry

Parents, pols slam FBI probe into CRT-related harassment in schools

A month ago the National School Boards Assn. wrote a letter to Dodderin’ Joe, asking him to get the Justice Dept. to “investigate” parents for “threats” against school board members; and the Justice Dept. obliged by unleashing the FBI against parents who complained about their school’s curriculum. Somehow that made them “domestic terrorists”!

Well, they’ve gotten nothing but flak for that; so now the NSBA is saying they “regret and apologize for” calling the people who elected them, and whom they supposedly represent, “terrorists” and sicking the FBI on them (https://www.politico.com/newsletters/weekly-education/2021/10/25/school-board-group-backtracks-on-letter-for-security-help-from-doj-798428).

(Meanwhile, school board associations from four states so far have formally severed their ties with NSBA.)

The NSBA’s newest public statement admits there was “no justification for some of the language included in the letter.” Given that not one single supposed “threat” has ever been carried out–well, yeah!

Ah! But Attorney General Whatsit says he’s gonna keep “investigating” anyway–those naughty parents out there need roping in. Asked by a Senate committee this week whether there was any actual evidence for any of these supposed threats by parents against school boards, he said, why, sure–there’s this here letter from the National School Boards Assn.! That’s all the evidence I need! Did he not know the NSBA had disavowed its own letter?

In Democrat legal theory, the accusation is the evidence. As long as it’s another Democrat making the accusation.

Stay tuned–this soap opera ain’t over yet.

We Are Not Crushed. Not Yet.

Sept. 11, 2001–an evil day in our country’s history. And this year, its 20th anniversary comes right on the heels of our scathing, searing, shameful retreat from Afghanistan, chased out by savages after 20 years of pouring blood and treasure into the place.

But America is not finished. Not yet. It will take another Democrat president and Congress, or two, to finish us off. To “fundamentally transform” America into something else, God knows what. Meanwhile, look how much damage they’ve been able to do in just eight months of Biden.

We still live. On life support, maybe; but not dead yet. In spite of insane public policies crafted by criminals who hate us and hate our country, we still live. And it may be God will save us yet. Ask Him. Every day.

Because we still live, I mean to carry on this blog today as if it were a normal Saturday. (Our main computer’s monitor has just conked out, so that’ll cost me a couple of hours and probably about 150 views.) It may be God will raise up heroes for us. It may be He will intervene Himself. Ask Him. Every day.

Our country clings to life even as her own government attempts to strangle her.

May God defend us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Yes, They Really Do Mean to Enslave Us

Facebook Prods Users Who've Been Exposed to 'Extremist Content' to Get Help  | PCMag

Before the doddering dolt announced he was going to send goons door to door to make sure we’ve all been injected with an experimental drug–indeed, just two days before the Fourth of July, called “Independence Day” without a conscious irony–Facebook started issuing “extremism” and “extremist content” warnings.

Honk if you’ve ever heard them define “extremist.”

Check out those messages. “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” My cousin voted for John Kerry once; that concerned me. “You may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently” and it’ll make your ass glow in the dark or something. If either of these warnings applies to you, you can click “Get Support.” They’ll send someone over to write it all down when you rat out your brother-in-law.

The only extremists I ever come into contact with are the Far Left Crazies running our country into the ground. I am not impressed by imaginary “threats” posed by “white supremacists,” a dozen hillbillies with a 1970 pickup truck and a shotgun that sometimes goes off.

I’ll tell you what’s an extremist threat. Critical Race Theory.

Let’s see Facebook warn you about that.

This age is morphing into a mass frontal assault against what’s left of our freedom and dignity.

May the Lord our God defend us.

My Newswithviews Column, May 13 (‘War of the Worlds’)

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The crisis of our age is a religious crisis. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Here are two recent nooze stories that prove my point.

War of the Worlds

Water down Christianity on one hand, bully and terrorize the Christians on the other. This was always the way Red China did it. Now it’s turning into the way the United States and Canada do it.

The excuse this time is Because COVID.

Next time it’ll be something else.

Lest We Forget: ‘Your Prayers Aren’t Private Anymore?’ (2013)

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Crook who headed the IRS back then, now enjoying lavish retirement… which we pay for.

“Please detail the content of the members of your organization’w prayers.”

Remember? The unspeakably corrupt Obama regime weaponized the Internal Revenue Service against Americans, and this demand was made of an Iowa pro-life group applying–routinely, or so they thought–for tax-exempt status.

Your Prayers Aren’t Private Anymore?

Now the same disgusting evil people are back in power, and this time they intend to stay forever. At our expense.

Well, they haven’t demanded to see any of my prayers, so I’ll volunteer this one. And I hope they like it.

O Lord our God! Avenge us on these lawless wicked criminals who have stolen our country and have heaped abominations onto it. Smite them and scatter them, O God: let no trace remain of them or of their works. Let their names be erased from the Book of Life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Destroying America Without a War

Cal Thomas; Angry Democrats try to kneecap Trump before he takes office -  Orlando Sentinel

Just one of many…

If you were America’s worst enemy–I won’t say Communist China, in case there’s anyone out there who hates us even more than the Chicoms do–how would you destroy our country without going to war?

First, put clowns in public office. It’s demoralizing to be governed by jerks. A senile, doddering president. A nonentity of a vice president who’s only there because she’s a “woman of color”–no one knows what else she brings to that office. Some fat guy who says he’s a woman running a big piece of our public health apparatus. A secretary of state whom the Chicoms mock and insult to his face. You get the idea. And don’t forget all those fools in Congress.

Second, encourage them to follow ruinous public policies. Trash the border. Raise taxes to the ceiling. Let the riots go on without a check. “Protect us from the virus” by letting felons out of jail. You can probably think of more.

Third, kill the culture. More transgender! More abortions! Lots more Critical Race Theory! Really rotten schools! And turn the universities into nothing more than factories that turn out useful idiots as useless citizens. Treat envy as a virtue, not a sin.

All of this is being done to us. We think China foots the bill, in tandem with assorted globalists. Governed by criminals, governed by idiots–what’s the difference?

Pray hard. We have nothing left but our prayers. Appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

And tell the truth.

‘Your FBI Is On the Job’ (2014)

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Achtung! Verboten!

When they’re not helping the Deep State remove a duly elected president, the FBI likes to dabble in what can only be called acts of irrational tyranny. Like this one:

Your FBI Is On The Job

I don’t know about you, but I could hardly sleep at night, knowing that a 91-year-old man in Indiana had set up a museum of his lifetime’s travels, featuring mementos and souvenirs from all over the world. We can all breath a sigh of relief, now that the FBI has sent armed agents to break in and confiscate all his stuff.

My aunts had a lot of little knickknacks from wherever. Somehow the FBI missed them.

Quickie contest: Name one federal agency that wasn’t warped and corrupted by the Obama administration.

Betcha can’t!

The Democrat House of Horrors

The House of Horrors (Le Train Fantôme) | City of Paris Museum of Modern Art

Let’s just deal with all the nooze at once, and have it over with.

Y’know what I don’t understand, and can’t even imagine? What kind of chamber of horrors the Democrats and the rest of our predatory ruling class is trying to create–to replace our country. You’d think it’d be kind of nice to govern peaceful, law-abiding, quiet, prosperous people. But the Dems don’t think so.

Just a few of the abominations they’ve heaped on our country (and quick as boiled asparagus, too!)–appointing some fat guy who says he’s a woman assistant secretary of Health and Human Services; Drag Queen Story Hour; constantly striving to have more abortions; rupturing our county’s southern border so that millions of illegal aliens can come in and create chaos; keeping people out of church; restricting what we can say; trying again and again to disarm the public; defund the police and let rioters control our cities; using public schools, colleges, and universities to turn our young people into useful idiots; creating Cancel Culture; spreading racial hatred as energetically as they can…

This could go on all day. By the time we got to the end of the list, there’d be a new list just as long.

Question! Why do they do it? In what way is America to be the better for any of it? What do the Far Left crazies get out of it? What does “trans” do for them, that they push it as if their very lives depended on it? Why do they say off-the-wall crazy things that are obviously and demonstrably untrue, expect the rest of us to say them, too, and try to destroy us if we don’t?

What will America look like when they’re finished trashing it? What will it be like to live here, with weirdos and freaks–and thieves, of course–in charge of everything?

They promise us utopia, but they will surely give us Hell. Don’t we already know that? Did everybody just sleep through the 20th century? Mao and Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot and all the rest of it–but how many of you out there have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about?

O Lord our God–we implore you, intervene! For your own name’s sake, forgive our sins and deliver us out of the hands of ungodly wicked tyrants. They hate us for your sake, and hate you for ours. Deliver us, Almighty God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

There’s Something Wrong with Our Politics

Broken dome of an ancient square monument in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh Stock  Photo - Alamy

There’s a lot I don’t understand about our current politics.

How does 1) a paper-thin majority in the House of Representatives, 2) a tie vote in the Senate, and 3) a president whose election was, to put it as charitably as possible, of doubtful legitimacy add up to a partisan government that does everything it damned well pleases without encountering any meaningful opposition?

Once upon a time, even if you were the majority party, you still had to dicker, compromise, give the opposition some of the things they wanted, You couldn’t just ignore them–as is being done now.

Another thing: the president is the chief executive. Among other things, his duty, as laid out in the Constitution, is to see that our country’s laws are enforced. Our immigration laws are statutes enacted by Congress and signed into law by various presidents. So how come China Joe gets to not only ignore those laws, but refuse to enforce them and encourage people to break them?

Is our system broken? Is that how we’ve wound up with these very strange politics? Did they repeal the Constitution when we weren’t looking?

Stolen elections have consequences, don’t they?

One of those consequences is that we completely lose control of our government.