Are Women Addicted to True Crime Stories?

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(Oh, for cryin’ out loud…)

One of the most popular genres in (gulp!) entertainment today–maybe even the most popular–is “true crime.” And there’s a lot of buzz on the Internet these days about most of the true crime audience being women: 8 out of 10 true crime podcast viewers, says The Daily Mail, are women (

If left to my own devices, I might watch one-tenth the number of true crime videos that my wife watches… if I watched any at all. Some of it strikes me as prurient. Some of the unsolved cases are intriguing; but mostly it’s solved crimes that get the audience.

I have no idea how credible are the male/female true crime viewer stats. My wife says she watches these because it’s so satisfying to see the criminal brought to justice. Well, heck, I thought everybody liked that. Everybody wants to see that. Because we don’t see anywhere near enough of it in real life.

One thing about true crime: they’ll never run out of it. How many of our government big shots are crooked? How many of our elementary school teachers are morally corrupt? And don’t even ask about shyster lawyers and evil Hollywood.

Yeah, I think I’m beginning to see the attraction. In most of these stories they catch the monsters and put them away. That’s attractive.

Manufacturing the Boogieman

Christmas TV History: Merry Halloween! the Boogeyman

Every democratic/Democrat regime needs a boogieman: someone to fear, someone you need to be protected from. By them.

Now we have current and retired agents coming out of the woodwork to accused SloJo and his friends of pressuring an already corrupted FBI to “fabricate” a dire threat to America posed by “white supremacists” (

As one whistleblower put it, there are more agents investigating “white supremacists” than there are white supremacists.

Can the FBI be saved? Can the Far Left kooks and crooks be cleaned out of it?

It may be that that is very much up to the FBI’s rank and file personnel. If it can’t be saved, it must be scrapped.

Now They’re Doing It To All Of Us

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This is getting bad, real bad. The Tucker Carlson video has been pulled from YouTube, and when you try to view it here, where I posted it this morning, all you get is a video of babbling Biden. I went back to YouTube, but now the Carlson broadcast isn’t there.

You can still (as of a minute or two ago!) view it on Citizens Free Press: I recommend going there directly, before they lose it, too.

Tucker Carlson obtains copy of DOJ subpoena…

Meanwhile, I’m having all sorts of problems answering your comments. Due to another WordPress glitch, I can’t read them and reply to them as I normally do on this site. The normal procedure doesn’t work. Wish me godspeed, trying something else!

I don’t know how long WordPress will be crippled. The point is, someone made that Tucker Carlson video go away. And what next? Do I get my door smashed in by the FBI in the middle of the night? They’re not just going after big fish anymore.

Here in the good old USA, we have never been closer to losing our freedom than we are now.


This Is Getting Seriously Scary

I don’t normally post videos as long as this one; but we have a political crisis on our hands and Tucker Carlson is one of the few public figures who has even mentioned it. I urge you all to watch the first 20 minutes of his broadcast.

In a few words–the Biden administration is using the Dept. of Justice and the FBI for partisan political purposes. Using them as attack dogs. Using them as bullies and frighteners. And it’s all supposed to trickle down to the grass roots… we’re all “domestic terrorists”–unless we actively support Biden.

So persons who are NOT Bidenistas are now being raided, subpoenaed, accused of crimes, imprisoned for simply being in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, labeled as “terrorists–”

I mean, holy cow! How did I become a terrorist? Dude, you woke up that day! Biden waves his magic wand and shazzam, you’re a terrorist! And the FBI must deal with you.

How close are we to losing our freedom, and our republic, forever?

What do we have to do to keep it?

Update: YouTube made this video go away, and replaced it with the idiot Biden addressing the unspeakably corrupt United Nations. Birds of a feather.

If you click the link to Rumble, provided in the later post, you’ll be able to see the broadcast after all. Two readers have reported success.


Hillary Ops ‘Agitated’ for Raid on Trump

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee's Russian collusion claims against Donald Trump in the 2016 election helped created a more divided country.

*Sigh* More nooze.

Here’s a new wrinkle in the FBI goon squad’s raid on Donald Trump’s home: “The Clinton machine has been agitating for this since January” (

Why is there still a Clinton machine? What do we have to do to get rid of it?

Breaking News: I made a strong objection to our Dept. of Public Works, my freakin’ garbage can having disappeared overnight, and they gave me a replacement. Calloo, callay…

Supposedly this was all about documents that President Trump wasn’t supposed to have, and the raid was revenge for all that flap over Hillary mishandling thousands of classified documents while she was secretary of state for *Batteries Not Included. Nobody ever raided her pad, though. I don’t like to imagine what might have been found there. Hillary sleeping in a coffin?

Super. So now we take revenge on our political rivals by unleashing our party’s FBI henchmen on homes and families.

Are we free to speculate that “the Clinton machine” wanted those documents grabbed because some of them featured dirt on Hillary? Or were they all just trying to advance the sovietization of America?

With Or Without Your Consent

John Scott Hightower on Twitter: ""It's alive! It's alive!" Frankenstein,  1931 Censors cut Dr. Frankenstein's original line — "It's alive! It's  alive! In the name of God! Now I know what it's

“It’s alive, it’s alive!”

Scientists in several research institutions have been trying for decades to create “contagious vaccines”–that is, trying to create new diseases and infect you with them without your knowledge or consent ( The National Institute of Health is the chief culprit here in the US.

This way, you just shoot up 5% of the population and the other 95% will catch it from them. This “bypasses the inconvenience of recalcitrant citizens who may refuse to give consent.” The new disease is supposed to be milder, but “less lethal does not mean non-lethal.”

Sounds like material for a whopping big lawsuit. Surely the lab coat crowd can’t just go around making people sick and sometimes killing them… can they?

The NIH needs to explain to the American people why it shouldn’t be defunded.

‘Our Shameless Leaders’ (2014)

Dungeons and Dragons: 15 Weirdest Creatures in The Monster Manual

Back when I first posted this, I wouldn’t have thought it possible that our country could have worse government than it had then. Boy was I wrong!

Our Shameless Leaders

How many Americans even noticed when the news came out that the Biden gang tried to give away America’s sovereignty? Just days ago! Give it away, in 13 “amendments” to international “law” that Communist China just laughs at. Let crooks at the World Health Organization shut down our economy whenever they please!

Thank God, somehow the plan fell through. We are not told how: the globalists carry on their work in secret. Somebody let the air out of their tires. We don’t know whom, or how, or why.

Somehow we have to make it to the midterm elections.

Somehow we have to wipe out the Democrat Party, and all the rest of Far Left Crazy. Forever.

P.S.–I’ve never been able to figure out what’s with all the rather odd comments that this post provoked. Can you?

Maryland: ‘Pregnant Persons’?

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[Thanks to Ohio Chess Fan for the nooze tip]

Fearful of any shrinkage of the abortion industry, Democrats all over America are scrambling to pass, uh, “laws” protecting the “right” to kill an unborn child.  In Maryland they’re calling it “the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act” (

“Pregnant persons”? Is there some reason that they can’t say “women’s”? Are women taboo, all of a sudden? Or has there been an outbreak of male pregnancies in Maryland?

Critics say A) the bill is unlikely to pass the state legislature, no matter how you slice it, and B) its language is ambiguous enough that it might be construed to legalize infanticide. Indeed, nobody seems to know exactly what it means.

Honk if you trust the nooze “fact checkers.”

Really, now–do we want to give any power, any authority, to characters who are so profoundly dishonest as to use a term like “pregnant persons”?

Have we already lost that much of our self-respect?


‘Mischief in High Places’ (2017)

Get to Know Obama's Attorney General Pick: Loretta Lynch

Partners in crime

Remember Loretta Lynch? The Obama attorney general who wanted to chuck people into jail for “Climate Change Denial.” The one who spiked an investigation of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, that Loretta Lynch.

In 2017 she briefly burst into the headlines again, saying things were so intolerably awful with Donald Trump as president, there would have to be “blood in the streets.”

Mischief in High Places

Really, I don’t see how our civilization can possibly survive the current tsunami of crime, fanaticism, idiocy, and lust for power–all the product of our indescribably delinquent ruling class.

Heck, it took SloJo Biden no time at all to find an AG who’s even worse than Ms. Lunch…

‘Now They Want to Tax Your Drinking Water’ (2019)

10,504 Gavin Newsom Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Would you buy a used state from this man?

Someday California politicians are going to figure out that if you import poor people, you get a lot of poverty. They’ll figure it out, but they won’t care.

Meanwhile, the solution to the problem, any problem, is always the same: Tax It! In this example, your drinking water.

Now They Want to Tax Your Drinking Water

They’ve run this caper up the flagpole several times, the latest in 2019, but so far they haven’t been able to get the legislature to salute it.

Look around you, boys and girls. Do you like what you see? Our rulers, some of whom were actually elected by people who should’ve known better–is it fair to say they’ve made a mess of everything? Or is that one of the world’s great understatements?