A Revolution in Tyranny

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Looks like everybody forgot their vaccine passports

Why worry about passing oppressive “laws” that may be unconstitutional, when all you have to do is… recruit the populace to oppress the populace?

UK officials are contemplating a move to require pub owners to demand proof of COVID-19 vaccination from anyone who wants to buy a pint of beer (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-56517486). The proof would be in the form of “vaccine passports.” No tickee, no drinkee.

This would turn pub owners into unpaid agents of the government.

And Parliament is thinking about asking for another six months of “emergency measures.” See how they keep moving the goal posts?

The Soviet Union pioneered in getting people to snitch on each other, but this proposed innovation by the Brits is so much more efficient. They won’t have to force people to get vaccinated: pub owners, shop owners, ticket-takers, train conductors, bus drivers–all of these can be made to do the dirty work. And some of them will love doing it!

If you’re afraid of any “vaccine” that messes with your DNA and heaven only knows what effect that might have, down the road, or if you object to using any “medicine” that includes tissue from aborted babies–well, you’re just out of luck! No one will be allowed to sell you anything. Your choice, sunshine! Obey or be cut out of whatever remains of normal life.

This has to stop. I don’t know how to stop it; but someone had better think of something soon, or we’ll never get our freedom back.