Happy Anniversary, Lee & Pat (That’s Us!)

Ach du lieber! I almost forgot to mention that today is my and Patty’s 35th wedding anniversary. We went to IHOP for breakfast and discovered we weren’t used to eating that much food, that early in the day. I’m just starting to wake up now, after 4 p.m.

Not wanting a big wedding, with every Tom, Dick, and Harry trying to horn in on it, and bundles of money going up in smoke, we eloped to Elkton, MD, for the weekend. When I told my kindly boss at the time that I would need Monday off to get married, he said, “Can’t you do that on your vacation?” I don’t work for him anymore.

So we went fishing, and had crabcakes, and steamed crabs and beer, and on Monday we were married in the Little Wedding Chapel. We went back the next year and visited the Aberdeen Proving Ground, where Patty posed for pix in the command turret of an old Russian SU-76 assault gun and we roasted our kiesters off. Actually, she looked pretty good up there on the tank. But she looks pretty good on the ground, too.

If we hadn’t married, I don’t think any of my books would have been written, I wouldn’t be writing this blog, and I probably would have wound up disgracing myself in some disgusting way. A good marriage is indispensable!

3 comments on “Happy Anniversary, Lee & Pat (That’s Us!)

  1. So tongue in cheek … Who are these people who want to deprive the lovebird gays of similar status and delight?

  2. Congratulations. 35 is a lot of years. I wonder what percentage of the population can boast they’ve been hitched for as many years. Thankfully, I had a boss that gave me a week off for our wedding and honeymoon–we’re still married, only 30 years for us.

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