May the Farce Be with You

The United Kingdom’s official Census reveals that the “Jedi religion” is by far the most popular “alternative religion” in England and Wales (see ) It has more than 176,000 self-identified adherents.

And that’s after dropping by more than 50% over the last ten years! Jedi is still way ahead of the Heavy Metal “religion” (I don’t know what that is, and I don’t want to know). Meanwhile, some 29,000 Brits identified themselves as atheists. Of course, atheists get to dictate to everybody else, so they might as well be tens of millions.

What are the tenets of the Jedi religion?

If you know the answer to that question, you have seen way too many Star Wars movies.

St. Gildas didn’t know when Britain was well off.

Meanwhile, here in the USA, the Dept. of Defense recognizes Jediism [sic] as an official and bona fide religion.

We are living in the Golden Age of Idiocy.

21 comments on “May the Farce Be with You

  1. With this kind of insanity, what hope is there for the world? I would say none at all, except for the fact that the Lord still reigns, and He will be ba-a-a-ck, and soon.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, in and of itself. The problem comes when people can’t distinguish between the real world and their fantasies. The Jedi makes for a nice legend and is solid entertainment, but it has no relationship to reality.

    2. Most science fiction, including Star Wars–there’s just not all that much to it. Especially the newer stuff. I think it’s because there isn’t really all that much to science itself.

  2. As one who’s never seen any of the Star Wars films, I haven’t a clue what their ‘religion’ is. Of course, I’ve seen movie trailers and can’t understand the cult following.

    1. No matter what, I do hope the store disposed of all those vegetables. I wouldn’t want to purchase any of them!

    1. If our faith is indeed challenged by some of the unspeakably cruel things that are done to us in this fallen world… well, God knows that we are weak, and will be more merciful than man will ever be. And He will avenge His saints.

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