How Smart Is ‘Smart’?

The host of the garden show on our local radio station was in a mood today because she hadn’t had any hot water all week. And guess why she had no hot water. The smart valve on her hot water heater wouldn’t let any hot water come out!

Oh, beware, beware, beware! whenever any pwogwessive tries to sell you on anything he calls “smart”! Like the smart meter for your electricity, which allows some pointy-headed little bureaucrat to turn off your juice whenever he thinks you’ve had enough. (And of course they wouldn’t even dream of denying electricity to persons who vote Republican!) Or the smart car that will only take you as far as some pwogwessive thinks you should be allowed to go. Or smart growth that turns your town into a ghetto and forces you to live in an apartment just a little bigger than your glove compartment–provided you still have a glove compartment, and they haven’t taken away your car and forced you to ride a bicycle.

If you ever thought Long John Silver was sinister when you used the word “smart,” he’s Santa Claus, compared to those who utter it today.

4 comments on “How Smart Is ‘Smart’?

  1. I’ve known for a long time that, when some smart person or company says their product has been “upgraded” watch out! You can be sure that that old stand by has been meddled with and you’ve got to find something to replace it-if you can! By the way, I just had a thought: isn’t that what’s being done on a national level? Tell me.

  2. Yes, Dorothy, I believe it is. The more they “fix” things, the worse they get.
    I shy away from that word smart when it is attached to anything.

  3. “Smart” technology and cloud-connected devices are about as dumb as it gets. It’s a voluntary consent to invade your privacy. BTW, smartphone apps for various stores, etc, can open the door to all sorts of snooping. Smart people think twice.

  4. Pwogwessives love Smart phones because they can capture every conversation you have, every text and email you send, every website you visit, and to boot can know where you are 24/7 (even if you turn your phone off). When Senator Tom Coburn retired from being U.S. senator from Oklahoma, he said the first thing he was going to do was get rid of his Smart phone.

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