Coming Soon: The Bell Mountain Movie

People always ask me when my books are going to be made into movies. I don’t know, of course. But Bell Mountain and its sequels would make terrific movies, and I’d like to make them as soon as I can round up the right actors. My casting director has already made the following recommendations.

Claude Rains as the arch-villain, Lord Reesh. He could do it standing on his head, and even better, standing on his feet.

Max Von Sydow as Obst, the hermit-turned-missionary. I’ve always seen him in that part.

Steve McQueen as the conflicted assassin, Martis. He’d have to dye his hair, but it’d be worth it. McQueen has a kind of edgy, vulnerable quality that’d be just right. If he doesn’t want the role, I’ll offer it to Mel Gibson.

Toshiro Mifune as the horse-lord, Szegetai. No one else!

John Wayne as the wild man, Helki. Maybe that sounds a bit odd to you, but I’m convinced the Duke could do it.

Derek Jacobi as Prester Orth. You’ll all see the wisdom of this pick after The Fugitive Prince is published. Trust me, it’s a plum role.

I haven’t cast the youngsters yet–Jack and Ellayne, King Ryons, Queen Gurun, and the eccentric little mimic from The Fugitive Prince, Fnaa. The best child actors are always just waiting to be discovered.

Admittedly there are some difficulties with this. Some of the actors haven’t been born yet, and some have passed on. But, hey–we don’t call it “fantasy” for nothing.

PS–Feel free to post any further suggestions as Comments. Anyone who proposes an actor or actress who actually winds up being used will receive a full credit at the Oscars.

6 comments on “Coming Soon: The Bell Mountain Movie

  1. Wow! When this get to the theater, it will be the first time I have gone to the movie theater in over 20 years. Paul

    Paul Herbert : family of Zimmerman sui juris sovereign living soul, holder of the office of Bexar County Sheriff Inhabitant on the land of Texas republic

  2. What no part for Vincent Price??? Claude Rains, however, is an excellent choice. Don’t hold your breath for McQueen; hurry up and offer it to Mel Gibson. Hurry up Lee. Can’t wait to see a good movie – it’s been a long time….

  3. Too bad you don’t have some old hags in there. At 92 I’m sure you could use me! However, as soon as the tickets are printed, be sure to send me one! It has to be better than the Disney distorts.

    1. Do you want to be Nanny Witkom, in The Thunder King? She has one rather strenuous scene, but I’m sure you could handle it.

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