How Badly Do We Need ‘Openly Gay’ Judges?

The buzz around Mordor-on-the-Potomac is that we’re soon going to get our very first “openly gay black man” as a federal judge, and, as an added bonus, our first “Asian-American lesbian” federal judge, too–appointed by a sham president who dares to speak of his “walk with Christ,” and confirmed by a Senate full of corrupt, thieving moral imbeciles.

But they haven’t thought this through. I mean, a federal judgeship is a great job! You can never be fired, you don’t have to be at all good at it, and the pay is generous.

Will this not lead to certain base persons only pretending to be homosexuals, just so they can be appointed to the federal bench? Shouldn’t the Senate then demand that such a person prove he is a homosexual? And what kind of proof would be accepted? After all, character witnesses can be persuaded to lie, and photos and videotapes can always be faked.

Perhaps a practical demonstration, on the floor of the Senate, would do the trick.

Yes, I know it’s disgusting. But that won’t bother anybody in this Senate.

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  1. As you have said, we are being and becoming more and more, ruled over by the “most lowly (or base) human beings”. The Most High will continue to chastise us thus until we (or if we) come to our senses and return to His ways and repent of our evil. These base individuals are being allowed to chastise us. It is shameful, deplorable and very sad that we never learn.

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