I’ve Done Another Interview

I got a surprise last night: Coach Dave Daubenmire invited me to be interviewed this morning on his NewsWithViewsTV show (see NewsWithViewsTV.com ). It will air on Friday, and I’ll try to post it here.

I was surprised I was in shape to do the interview, but as I said here a few days ago, the show must go on. I think it went off very well indeed. Maybe I’m getting better at this. I’m still pretty wrung-out, emotionally: but my Lord gave me the strength to do the job.

Meanwhile Senator Portman of Ohio has joined the list of Republican renegades stampeding over to the dark side: he has announced that he, too, has “evolved” into a supporter of homosexual mockmarriage. If that doesn’t discredit the Theory of Evolution, I don’t know what will.

These people call themselves “conservatives.” What the blazes are they conserving? If you can’t stand up for marriage and the family and the Word of God, what else is there worth conserving?

4 comments on “I’ve Done Another Interview

  1. Your question is well taken, and of course the answer is that if these things which are most important are not sufficient for them to stand up for, then there is nothing more worth conserving.

  2. All the time, the Lord is making His list and checking it twice. We are all going to find out who is really naughty and nice. Let the shaking continue folks – there is a Judgement Day coming to your neighborhood.

    1. Actually, the division is between the “goats” and the “lambs,” but the Lord of the fold knows which are His and how to best defend the sheep – “My sheep know My voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.

      Just follow the Shepherd’s instructions explicitly.

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