Idiocy Marches On

You’ve got to wonder why anybody sends their kids to public schools to be “educated” by cranks and morons.

Get a load of this public school news from Britain, as reported by the Mail Online ( ) on March 18: “Teachers tell children not to have ‘best friends’ in primary schools… to prevent pain of falling out”. “Falling out” means “separating” in American English. (Personal note: My mother and another little girl became best friends when they were seven and remained so for 83 years. Not allowed in England.)

All sorts of people have been advising these teachers not to bother trying to implement such an inane policy, but apparently the teachers aren’t listening. Prevent children from making “best friends”, to spare them the future pain of breaking up: why not just totally lobotomize them at an early age and spare them all prospects of emotional pain? But “educators” are always convinced they can change basic human nature any way they please.

“Oh, don’t worry–they’ll never import this kind of foolishness to American schools!” Famous last words.


2 comments on “Idiocy Marches On

  1. What makes you think it isn’t already happening in the schools of America???? Don’t we usually lead the way? Thirty years ago a fine Christian man came to our church to promote Christian education. He told the parents, “You send your children to Egypt to be educated and then expect to influence them for good by half an hour in Sunday School. It can’t be done!” He was right and the fruits of disobedience are now showing up. However, the good news is: those same children are seeing the fruit of their parents neglect and are wising up. Amazing! Let us pray.

    1. American schools, preoccupied with confusing children about their “gender,” have not yet gotten around to making everyone equal/identical by not allowing kids to make best friends.

      To become a public school teacher these days, do you have to take a test to prove you’re a kook?

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