More Public Education Poppycock

Lest anybody think the British have cornered the market on idiocy in the public schools (see yesterday’s post), get a load of this from St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

There, public school officials have banned 1) hugs, 2) cupcakes for the class, and 3) birthday party invitations. Three bans at once! Mayor Bloomberg‘s approach to governance is really catching on.

Bans 1) and 2), brain-dead school officials claim, are intended to make St. Mary’s schools “safe” from massacres and food allergy. Ban 3) is to make the schools safe from hurt feelings, in case somebody doesn’t get invited to a particular party. After all, a child might only want to invite his friends instead of the entire student body (not to mention teachers, principals, deputy assistant vice principals, first-grade guidance counselors, gender coaches, janitors, et al). Wait’ll they learn from the Brits that they can just ban friendship altogether.

All of these crazy actions have one thing in common. They all arise from the collectivist mindset of our demented public “educators.” All are intended, in the name of “diversity” (I kid you not), to wipe out individual differences, divergent opinions, and everything else that distinguishes human beings from, say, ants or termites. But that’s insulting to the insects.

Why do people want their children educated by total crackpots?

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  1. Pass a law against public unions to pave the way to real free market competition in education. Talk about making America great again, that would definitely be a big part of it.

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