Our Demonic Leaders

I can’t decide whether the actions of our government point to an incredibly clever scheme to turn America into a Third World basket-case, or whether it’s just a spasm of political vandalism by people who are simply not all there.

For instance: as  Congress prepares to subject the American people to a suicidal “immigration reform” that will flood the country with welfare cases and shatter her finances, suddenly our First Voter Fraud President, our scarcely human Secretary of State, and the rest of the zombies are all yapping about Climate Change again. You remember Climate Change used to be Global Warming until that was exposed as a fraud. Anyhow, the Robot-in-Chief and his creatures are saying the fantastic threat of Climate Change forces them to declare “a war on coal.”

It’s like these people run all around inside a great mansion, setting fires everywhere. You try to put out a fire in the living room, and they’ve started another in the lounge. You run over to the lounge, and they’ve set the kitchen on fire. And so on.

I have come to believe that our country’s leaders are actively servants of the Devil, for whom evil is good and good is evil. I don’t know how else to explain what they do.

Where can we find someone who can exorcise a whole country?


2 comments on “Our Demonic Leaders

  1. Lee..you are RIGHT ON TRACK..if you look into the personal backgrounds of those that are currently infesting the Outhouse on Pennsylvania Ave, and the halls of the Asylum on the Hill..you will find that each and everyone of these august leaders and professed patriots are in deed TRAITORS to that which they have “sworn” to preserve and protect. Each and everyone of them have put their name on Satan’s “Craig List” as for sale to the highest bidder. Alas, what they are in process of doing, even though it may seem random and chaotic to us…it is a VERY precise plan to bring down this Nation and everything that it has and does stands for! The majority of these “patriots” deserve their just desserts at the end of a rope for their treason..beginning with Hanoi Jane, Commando Kerry, and Bengazi Clinton…and ending with the weasel Rotten Reid and the RINO McCain. Rest assured Lee, you and I both know that there IS “Someone” who can exorcise the infestation that is in WA..and my hourly prayer is for him to just PLEASE HURRY UP..

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