How to Argue With a Lib

Oops! The headline is misleading. After all, you can’t successfully argue with a liberal, anymore than you can argue with a bird-bath or a fence-post.  So probably the headline should be, “Why You Can’t Argue With a Lib.”

My wife and I were discussing British socialists the other night, and I marveled that persons who seemed otherwise intelligent simply can’t see that socialism has been a total bust all over the world. There’s no denying it–the bigger the dose of socialism a country gets, the bigger the failure. Even Red China has had to change to a market economy, while preserving the name of communism. And to the extent that China can’t resist the urge to impose government controls on the people and the economy–to build things that never should be built, and to refrain from buildings things that really need to be built, simply because the state is the supreme authority–to that extent will China fail: almost certainly in your lifetime and mine.

So why can’t socialists (and other libs and progs) see that their hair oil doesn’t grow hair, their seeds sprout only into weeds, their boat doesn’t float, and their cockamamie system depresses productivity?

Because it’s their religion.

They don’t believe in God, they don’t acknowledge the authority of Scripture. The state is their god, its political leaders their angels, and its teachers’ unions their priesthood. They are incapable of questioning any of it. That’s why, if you do try to argue with them, and are uncivil enough to subject them to facts and logic, they instantly resort to shouting, name-calling, and threats. You are a racist! You are a bigot! You are a hater! In the interests of peace and love and harmony–not to mention diversity–you must be beaten senseless.

So, no, you don’t really argue with a liberal. You just have to find some way to get him out of office.

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  1. Getting “them” out of office is harder than you think. The odds of an honest election these days are against us. I have a sure fire way of getting rid of the unwanted: it’s a four letter word and you can find it in the Bible under many other subjects. Maybe you’ve already guessed what it is, If not, here goes: PRAY. Of course there’s another word that must precede pray. It’s a lot longer and a lot harder and it’s not popular. REPENT. We Americans should not be too proud to do both. We have a God we can honor unashamedly. And, OK., ,OK. I know I’m preaching to the choir. Just follow me to the throne room and–pray for me, too!

  2. Good call, it is a religion. There are sects which fixate on one aspect of scripture to the exclusion of all other things and eventually it does down to hanging all of their hope one one interpretation of the bible, one tiny aspect of the Divine plan for salvation. Eventually, this leads to an imbalanced viewpoint where certain aspects of the scriptures are laid low while others are talked about constantly.

    The same sort of thing is happening in the secular world. They’ve placed all of their hopes in the promises of certain politicians whom affirm their hopes and dreams and they can’t see past that. People like this can’t understand why literally everyone didn’t vote for Hillary. Hillary herself is obviously at a loss with regard to this. Climate Change, legalized abortion, redistribution of wealth; all of these subjects are music to the ears of those whom place their confidence in human solutions. Before all of this is over, it will come down to one question; do you fear the True God, or do you fear other authorities?

  3. Thanks be to God that knowledge is increasing while uncovering schemes and ‘isms’ of the enemy because idiocy certainly has been on the rise! We have a friend who was a Bernie supporter and is vicious regarding Trump, going so far as to say we can’t talk ‘politics’ around her or we risk our friendship. These people really are blinded by their own vehement vitriol. They truly are unable to see.

    Btw, Dorothy is spot on in her above remarks, as is Unknowable.!

    1. I’m heartened to see that some in government and entertainment whom have abused their power and prominence are now being called account.

    2. I just heard Al “Paws” Franken is out of the Senate, as of tomorrow. He cheated to get in, in the first place, and has always been a national disgrace.

    3. John Conyers, the relic of Capital Hill, resigned today and while he was at it, he put in the pitch for his son to take his seat! These people have no face!

    4. That was a major inspiration for my comment. I have friends up there and the dominant opinion was that he stole his election. In the first term, he lost, but suddenly a new box of ballots was found and every single vote was for Franken. That is statistically impossible. An entire precinct polling place voting for one candidate? Give me a break!

      That’s ok, he’ll go on the talkshow circuit and gain the sympathy of idiots. Libs have a way of making a shameful experience a cause for sympathetic treatment. It’s sickening.

    5. I agree – with a bit of reservation. Those in high places (in their own eyes) don’t seem to have the same rules as the rest of us. Politics and Hollywood are both creators of such dirty business.

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