‘The Fugitive Prince’ on Kindle

OK, now you can beat those crazy international shipping fees. Readers in Canada, the UK, Australia, and everywhere else–The Fugitive Prince is now available on Kindle from amazon.com.

We’re still at work updating the book’s page on this site, so if you want it, go directly to the amazon.com website. You will save an enormous amount of money on shipping.

Soon we hope to have the entire Bell Mountain series on Barnes & Noble Nook as well as amazon’s Kindle.

The clay tablet cuneiform version has been delayed indefinitely.

2 comments on “‘The Fugitive Prince’ on Kindle

  1. Skip the “Nook” edition, at least until the fate of their epublishing rights are established in the event of a B&N bankruptcy. To much risk right now to consider.

    1. It’s not my decision to make, but I’ll pass along the warning. From what I hear, the plan is, in the event of a B&N bankruptcy, to separate Nook from the rest of B&N and keep it going. So I gather from that, that Nook is reasonably successful.

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