Arizona Politics: Send in the Clown

As if it weren’t bad enough to be governed by thieves, liars, mental cases, and Marxists, we also have to endure government by clowns.

From yesterday’s Drudge Report, via, “AZ Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Darkens Skin For Commercials To Appear Hispanic,” complete with before-and-after color photos in which the candidate goes from paleface to an aging Duncan Renaldo.

The clown candidate, Fred DuVal, is not Hispanic. He says the whole thing was just a joke. Ha, ha. Says he was trying to make himself look like someone in a Dos Equis beer commercial. Breitbart quotes the Arizona Daily Independent: “Duval digitally morphed himself to resemble the person pictured here, put the doctored image out on Twitter and hand-delivered a printed copy to the AZGOP.”

So, you see, it was just a ham-fisted joke he played on the Republicans–certainly not a more than usually shameless attempt to pander to a racial voting bloc.

I suppose we must be thankful Arizona doesn’t have a tremendous number of African-American voters. This clown might have subjected us to a one-man minstrel show.

My home state in recent years has had among its governors Jim “I am a gay American (with a very thick police dossier!)” McGreevy and Jon “Where’s the money?” Corzine, so don’t think I’m throwing bricks at Arizona.

The truth is, this is America’s ruling class. These are the people who grab your hard-earned money, enrich themselves at your expense, and tell you what to do while they break every law they can think of. These are the clowns who run your country–right into the ground.

Please stop electing them.

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