Canada’s Thought Police

Does your local police department have too much money?

The York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada, certainly do. That’s how they can afford to have a special bureau of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” whose job is to suppress any speech or opinion deemed politically incorrect.

As reported in an Aug. 13 communique from the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, the thought cops recently swung into action to stifle free speech at a local synagogue–where an American blogger “critical of pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab, and pro-Muslim activists” was scheduled to speak, by invitation.

“But the ‘diversity’ head of the York Regional Police contacted the rabbi, who is a consultant to the Diversity bureau, and warned him that his status as a consultant might be in danger if he allowed [the blogger] to speak.”

Well, that’s what you get for being a consultant to the thought police. Toldja so.

So once again the “diversity” goons enforce uniformity of opinion, and the “inclusion” bullies exclude speakers and opinions they don’t like. If your police department has anything like a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  bureau, then your police department has way too big a budget.

Remember when police used to protect you from real crimes, not thought crimes? Dick Tracey‘s Crimestoppers‘ Textbook never had anything in it about stifling anyone’s opinion. I wonder how many stores got robbed while York’s Keystone Kops were leaning on the rabbi.

Oh, but who cares about some pesky blogger being kept from speaking?

But it’s only a matter of time before they silence your opinion.

Which is exactly what happened to that rabbi.

6 comments on “Canada’s Thought Police

  1. The police action in this case was extortion, plain and simple. Does this mean other extortionists in Canada get a free pass now? Oh and by the way it’s not racist to say that building a “freedom Mosque” on Ground Zero is a really, really stupid idea.

    Would I be arrested in York for saying that?

    I’ve been to York. They can have it, and throw in Scarborough for good measure.

    1. You might not be arrested, but you’d stand a real good chance of having a “human rights” commission sic’ed on you. They can’t put you in jail, but they can very easily ruin you. And they don’t have to stop–ever. They are not subject to any rule forbidding double jeopardy. The government pays all the plaintiff’s legal costs, and absolutely none of yours, so the process can go on forever. Believe me–I’ve been reporting on these cases for years.

      The only freedom these statists mean to leave us is the freedom to sin.

  2. Well, it’s coming are way Brother. Scanning IDs to by a beer or across the counter drugs, a simple cold medicine.Tobacco stores are doing the same. Doctors asking patience if there is a gun in your home, mind you, they are asking are children and grandchildren the same thing.
    It wouldn’t be near as scary if the police could actually hit a target when they come for us. Just a few days ago in Ohio they fired over one-hundred and seventy rounds at a couple, the man was hit twenty-three times and the woman was hit twenty-seven times. I don’t suppose their marksmanship would have been near that good if that couple had actually been armed and fighting back. According to several of them so-called police officers, it was a major firefight. Hmmm.. Keystone Kops everywhere. If you don’t already have them in your local community, WELL, IT’S COMING YOUR WAY BROTHER.

    1. That’s what I would have told the rabbi, when he climbed into bed with the Diversity police to be a consultant. He was content to let them pick on others. But they got around to him, too.

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