…And America’s Thought Police

Canada is not the only “free” country that has a problem with freedom.

You may remember the Christian bakers in Oregon who declined to obey a lesbian’s order that they create a cake for her same-sex mock “wedding.” Naturally, the state government treated them like criminals. Hey, when a lesbian says “jump,” you jump.

As reported recently by The Oregonian, the state of Oregon doesn’t want just to punish the Christians. It wants to get their minds right. The Oregonian quotes Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian: “The goal is never to shut down a business. The goal is to rehabilitate.”

Gee, I wonder how the government plans to “rehabilitate” this man and wife who believe the Bible means what it says, that same-sex relations are an abomination, and that they can’t allow themselves to participate in it in any way. It would be easy for the state just to crush this small business and ruin the owners: but that’s not good enough. These thought criminals have to be “rehabilitated.” Their core beliefs must be torn out and new core beliefs, approved by the state, installed.

I am sure this is not what it means to be free. It is probably not even what it means to be human.


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  1. If anyone ever doubted that satan’s agenda is to steal, kill and destroy, this should make it abundantly clear, and clearly demonstrated.

  2. The left always comes up with “reeducation” camps. They will reeducate you or kill you, whichever comes first.

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