‘Nother Progress Report

First it was the plumbers and the landlord turning everything upside-down, then family members needing help, and finally my knee blowing up. Nevertheless, as Helki the Rod might say, I reckon I’m about half done writing my new book–Bell Mountain #7, The Glass Bridge. I don’t know how.

Rocky Bridges said, “There are three things that everyone in the world thinks he can do–run a hotel, manage a baseball team, and write a book.” I don’t know about running a hotel or a baseball team, but I’m here to tell you that you would be positively amazed by the number of obstacles that pop up in front of you as you try to write a book.

Gee, this knee hurts.

Still, I’m happy with the way The Glass Bridge is taking shape. I think its readers will be, too.


5 comments on “‘Nother Progress Report

  1. It sounds as though you should cancel Saturday, August 17th and start over tomorrow Brother. Find a nice cave, preferably one without a landlord or plumbing, a bush nearby would work well in place of plumbing. You might find that a very good place for writing, you wouldn’t have much else to do there. The one major problem is that knee, you certainly couldn’t run down no local buffaloes or such critters. How’s Patricia’s knees? Do you reckon she could catch a critter or two while your knee is on the mend?
    Just trying to help ! If none of this appeals to you as sane advise, I’ll quit rambling on and use my eating hole for praying for you to have a better day instead.


  2. Lee, Get a prescription for Tramadol 50 mg, It is what I use for my shoulders. I have had two surgeries on each, and get it through the VA. I works very well. Paul

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