The Tolerance Fuhrer

Gone are the swastikas, the stalags, and the goose-steps. But in Germany today, at least one trace of the Third Reich remains–the Hitler-era law against homeschooling.

In defense of the ban, a German named Schmidt wrote a letter to Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Assn. here in the USA, dated Sept. 4. Herr Schmidt was sore about some of Farris’ opinion pieces attacking the German government–particularly its practice of seizing children whose Christian parents wish to give their children a Christian education: strictly verboten, under German law.

I don’t know who Herr Schmidt is. He sounds like some kind of obersturmbannfuhrer wannabe. I quote from his letter to Farris.

“The only thing… these so-called parents want is to prevent their children from a free and open minded view on the world.” [Make allowances: Herr Schmidt is writing in what is, for him, a foreign language.] “They want to force them into their own little world regardless of what the children want or not and only for religious reasons!

“From the very beginning theses so called parents drummed religious opinions into their poor children. They never had a chance to build up their own opinion. This can be called torture and if for sure harms the children in their development to free, tolerant and open-minded members of society. Only to please the parents and only to spread the parents strange ideas, disgusting.”

Get it? The dude is tolerant and open-minded. He concludes:

“For my opinion these parents should be imprisoned”–not strung up with piano wire?–“and they should not be released before all of their children have finished school. Anyone, regardless of the reasons who harms his children, in whatever respect, should be removed from them immediately. If it happens for religious reasons the person should be jailed.”

Is this man a nut, or does he represent the mainstream opinion among the German people? Inquiring minds want to know.



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  1. Whether or not he’s a nut (and he most likely is), I’ve heard rumblings in this country lately about wanting to make homeschooling illegal! But we shouldn’t be surprised. When WW II ended, we decided that importing many of Hitler’s nutjobs into this country under Operation Paperclip was a good idea. Therefore, that’s exactly what we got – their ideas. These nutjobs must control information and homeschooling makes that nearly impossible. The left has pretty much taken over – but not for long. Spoiler Alert – Jesus Wins!

    1. You’re right, Linda. Ted Cruz tried to get passed his own Senate bill that would have put all homeschools AND Christian schools under Title V Common Core. Sure glad he never made it to the Oval Office! But, apparently, if that’s what the democrats and RINO globalists want, that bill will come back.

    2. R.J. Rushdoony spent most of the 1970s going from courtroom to courtroom, all over the country, defending homeschooling. And he wasn’t the only one: Jimmy Carter’s administration was pretty much committed to wiping out homeschooling, and everybody had to rally to defend it.

      By and large, our side won that war. But who’s surprised if the leftids want to start it up again?

  2. At the judicial hearings the legal representative for the State would question Rushdoony if he believed in evolution. Rushdoony said no, he was not capable of believing in that many miracles that would have needed to take place..

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