Am I a Journalist?

So who’s a journalist and who ain’t? That’s what the Senate Judiciary Committee is getting ready to decide. They’re fixing to define as a journalist an employee or agent or contractor for some agency which disseminates news or information… HAHAHAHAHAH

Sorry about that: just couldn’t help it. But based on recent performance, don’t you think a better definition, a more accurate one, might be “an employee or agent or contractor for some agency which suppresses news or information adverse to any president or other national figure belonging to the Democrat Party, and disseminates propaganda favorable to such persons”?  Might we not define a news organization as “the public relations apparatus of the Democrat Party”? And of course it sucks up to all persons or agencies promoting any kind of wacko left-wing agenda.

It always amazes me, how many people, who get their news strictly from the Big Media, never heard of Climategate and have no idea that Global Warming has indeed been unmasked as a fraud; never heard how John Kerry got three Purple Hearts in three months without even spending three minutes in a military hospital; never heard anything detrimental to our First Voter Fraud President… and so on. “News” organizations and the “journalists” who work for them suppress news. Any reporter who tries to find out and report the truth about, for instance, what happened in Benghazi, soon finds himself as badly off as Karl Kolchak in “The Night Stalker” trying to get the word out about monsters from Hindu mythology eating up Jewish senior citizens in Chicago.

I consider myself a journalist, at least by training and experience. I don’t need Chuck Schumer to tell me so. In fact, if he told me I was a journalist, I would begin to think perhaps I wasn’t.


2 comments on “Am I a Journalist?

  1. Good article ! However, I am surprised that you describe the LSM (lame stream media) as being supportive of the Democrats, seemingly exclusively. They have done and continue to do the same thing for the sicko “Republicans, ad nauseam ! No difference between the two ‘big box’ parties and their evil doings. Both undermining truth, liberty, and real historic Americanism. – from Mary Rutkowski, Post Falls, Idaho

    1. I must disagree. RINO Republicans, like John McCain and Mitt Romney, were built up and supported by the “news” media… right up until the very moment they became GOP nominees for president. In less time than it takes for Chuck Schumer to charge in front of a camera, McCain and Romney were both accused, by the same media that had been idolizing them, of every despicable act except the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. The media only uses certain Republicans to play them off others. Yes, RINOs–Democrats with “R” after their names–are despicable. But if Hilary Clinton were (heaven forbid) a Republican, and Rand Paul were (heaven forbid) a Democrat, the noozies would vilify Paul and whitewash Clinton.

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