Turning Children into Freaks

Hey, parents! Here’s yet another example of what the public education establishment thinks ought to be pumped into your child’s soul.

Pushed into school classrooms and libraries by Scholastic Books, named a National Book Award finalist, and honored by the American Library Association in “Best Books for Young Adults,” Luna by Julie Peters (2006) tells the heart-warming story of a teenage boy who wants to be a girl. Why? Because that’s “his true self,” says the amazon.com blurb. “But are Liam’s friends and family ready to welcome Luna [that’s what he calls himself when he’s poncing around in his sister’s clothes and makeup] into their lives?”

This is the dreck they want your children to be reading. The boy “must free himself to become the woman who lives inside him,” says a review in… wait for it…the School Library Journal.

What is the bloody point of this? More importantly, how can parents be content to sit around watching the Kardashians and college football while a bunch of perverted screwballs rams this toxic waste into children’s brains?

Why are “educators” so fired up to get boys turned into girls? And what will be the next goody out of the public education job jar? Are they going to take us to The Island of Doctor Moreau? From turning boys into girls and girls into boys, is it such a giant step to turning humans into beasts?

We are creating in this age a grotesque parody of human life at which posterity, a thousand years from now, will laugh incredulously and use it as the stuff of horror stories. They won’t believe we ever did such things.

So long, Black Beauty. Bye-bye, Hans Brincker, or The Silver Skates. Books for young readers used to be beautiful and edifying.

Someday God will wake the human race from this nightmare. Pray He does it soon.

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  1. Consider this: After Jesus was crucified He spent 3 days in hell “conquering” satan and said “It is finished.” Yet, satan is running full speed ahead, with more and more disciples every day. I truly believe that today there are more evil people in the world than ever before. What does “It is finished” mean??

    1. Thank you. I should have known this. He’s blameless, of course. But what is happening to children these days and what imaginable horrors they will face in the future is “more than I can bear.” God said He would not give us more than we can bear. I suppose I got this wrong too?

    2. Our problem is that God has given us free will and we don’t know what to do with it.

      I don’t see how any Christian can live in this evil age and not be discouraged, at least some of the time. But we have to use the resources God has given us: faith, hope, and love; prayer, His enscriptured Word; and each other, in a communion of saints. When we fall, we have to believe He will help us get back up. We have to help each other.

      The world will not be right until God regenerates it. He has promised to do this. When, He hasn’t said. We have to hang on.

      As bad as it is, it could be worse–much worse. If God did not intervene in history from time to time, we’d all be gone. We’d have wiped ourselves out several times over.

      Again, we have to use the resources He has given us. They’ve kept the Church alive so far. And when you think about it, those are not small or ineffective resources.

      You’re down, now. We all have our down days, when we’re sure nothing will ever go right.

      But we don’t stay down forever. Ask God to lift you up–and keep on bugging Him until He does.

    3. He, in a sense, put Satan and his minions on notice at that point, with regard to how things would proceed.

  2. “Romans 1:28 says, “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind to do those things which are not proper.” The Greek context here means God gave them over to a mind that cannot even think in its own best interest.”

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