Swedish Court: Public Masturbation OK

[I apologize in advance for the unedifying content of this post. This is, however, news. And I believe it tells us something about where our Godless civilization is headed.]

From The Drudge Report today: A Swedish court has ruled it’s all right to masturbate on a public beach in front of other people, as long as the act is aimed at no one in particular. How they could ever be sure of that, I dunno.

The ruling just might make Stockholm, Sweden, the wanking capitol of the world. They can’t really be going to Swedish beaches to swim in that subarctic water–can they?

Civilization falling on hard times? Public masturbation to the rescue! It’s only a matter of time before someone sets it to music and has a killer video. Then it’ll become a new civil right–something which the rest of us will have to “celebrate” or else be accused of a hate crime. Soon there will be parades in the streets of our major cities. Wear galoshes.

I have thought, again and again, “Now we’ve finally hit bottom!”

But you know what?

I don’t think there is a bottom anymore.



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  1. Talk about a sordid topic. I’m pretty sure the explosion in pornography via the Internet has much to do with this. A lady sex expert on the “Mike Huckabee Show” this weekend explained how most American boys get exposed to porno images when 10 to 11-years old. Those exposed who pursue this interest actually have their brains rewired as they mature to the point where they can’t perform without the images. This expert claims young adult men’s lack of interest in sexual intercourse has doubled in recent years.

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