We Can’t Get Rid of Sleazy Public Figures

Well, I’m sick again, so don’t expect much from this post. I won’t describe my symptoms, except to say they’re painful and disgusting.

A little song has been going through my mind, one which my mother used to sing to me when I was a tot:

I love me, I think I’m grand!

When I go to the movies, I hold my hand.

I put my arm around my waist,

When I get fresh, I slap my face.

Then I read on Free Republic that some disgraced public figures are back in the news. Hot dog.

Gennifer Flowers is back, telling British newspapers all about her intimacies with Bill Clinton, and how Hillary swings both ways, yatta-yatta–oops, my stomach won’t stand this. Will these people never go away and leave us alone? Must we be constantly reminded that we are governed by weirdos? But they love themselves so much, they just can’t stay out of the news.

And Tom DeLay is back. Three years ago a kangaroo court found him guilty of corruption on a massive scale. Now an appeals court has overturned that conviction, on the grounds that the evidence presented by the prosecution didn’t about to a hill of beans. The question FR readers are asking is, “So where does he go to get his reputation back?”

Something is wrong here. Tom DeLay gets wrongfully convicted, finally vindicated by a higher court after three years of wrangling, and his political career is over, kaput, kaflooey. But Slimeball Bill and Hardball Hillary just go on and on forever. You’d think she’d be toast, after what happened in Benghazi–but no, she’s presidential timber. After Benghazi, she’s gonna get a curtain call.

How much more of this can we stand?


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