Postponing Adulthood… Forever?

Adolescence now ends at 25,” The Daily Mail reported yesterday, “to prevent young people getting an inferiority complex.”

“It is hoped,” adds a subhead, “changes will prevent children being ‘rushed’ through childhood.”

So from now on–at least in Britain–child psychologists will work with 25-year-olds: persons who used to be known as “men” or “women.” This is so that overeducated losers who sit around at home living off their parents will no longer be pressured to achieve “key milestones” of adulthood.

Bearing in mind that Science always has the answers, scientists say the postponement of adulthood is necessary because new methods of doing brain scans show the brain is not yet done developing at 25. Eventually, they promise, the “late adolescent” brain will change into an adult brain.

Optimists! And then a few years down the road, new technology shows the brain still “developing” at 30, 40, 50… and it never gets there!

But that’s okay. We’ll always have the government to take care of us. Our leaders know what’s best. So, big deal, you have to wait till you’re 64 to have your Bar Mitzvah. At the same time, the public schools are teaching you to have every kind of sex your teachers can imagine by the time you’re 11. And Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg tell you what you ought to eat.

Under the circumstances, why should full adulthood ever be achieved?

12 comments on “Postponing Adulthood… Forever?

  1. When I see young people today, I am frequently astounded by their immaturity. By the age of 25 I had been an independent adult for some years. I would have been ashamed to live in my parent’s home and would have worked at any available occupation to ensure that didn’t happen.

    Statistically, I have perhaps 20 years left. I fear what I will see in that time. It’s bad now and when today’s youth are the “establishment” things will go from bad to worse.

    1. I had three children by then. As for moving out of our parents’ homes, you couldn’t have tied me in the basemen to keep me there. Independence and conscience would see to that.

  2. I’m in my 60’s and I think my brain has finally developed, and it is now sliding down the unlearning curve. I’m glad I have such erudite psychologists to rely upon to help me as I enter my second childhood.

  3. By the way, Lee, I think they’re a bit behind the times in the UK. Obamacare allowed 26 to be the magic age, covering our ‘children’ under parents’ health insurance until that age.

    1. Yes they were – and I would venture a guess that it’s more of the same ‘infestation’. What makes it even more disgusting is that this assault on society was held in a church.

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