More Blather from the Public Schools

What do we keep telling you about the public schools? They’re run by kooks and reprobates.

A Canadian reader sent me this from The Calgary Herald, Oct. 26, 2011:

“Children wanting to wear scary… costumes will have to trade them for more caring and community-friendly outfits at two public elementary schools this Halloween. The principal… said her staff has chosen to use the day… as an opportunity to teach community values.” [Creepy is out, caring is in for school costumes, by Sean Myers]

Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it? But in case you haven’t, yet, there’s more.

The principal says the kids must wear costumes that are non-violent and “caring,” “Ones that exemplify caring for other people and being respectful of other people.”

Also, “Students will create food sculptures out of healthy ingredients and then eat their creations.”

Down in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg is smacking himself on the forehead and crying, “Doh! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Blathers the principal, “Our teachers talked about how we could connect Halloween and still embrace the North American tradition, as well as respect the diversity of our community and all the things that go with public education.” Like Bible-bashing, and the non-stop promotion of sodomy, gender-bending, and abortion.

Have you ever heard more twaddle in your life? I mean, what is this nut-case talking about? Do you really, truly want puffed-up idiots like this “educating” your children?

If you do, please tell us why. That ought to be worth a few good laughs.

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  1. Eureka!!!! The ideal costume. Dress up as a government bureaucrat or a politician. Choose one. Supposed to be caring and helpful, but actually, very scary.

    Dave Canada

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