Raising Children to be Animals

As reported recently in The Huffington Post ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kelly-lynch/an-open-letter-to-the-parents-of-the-stephentown-300_b_3983962.html? ) , some 300 teens in Stephentown, NY, celebrated Labor Day by breaking into someone’s house and having a “party.”

In addition to just plain vandalism and theft, along with a lot of drugs and alcohol, these fine young people also peed and pooed all over the house. Just like monkeys. And to make sure all their little friends knew about their exploit, a lot of them bragged about it on the social media, complete with video. Hint to publicly-schooled young geniuses: if you’re going to do a crime, posting video of it on Twitter is a real good way to get caught.

The owner of the house, a former NFL player, was able to identify the animals because they publicized their own names and pictures. He set up a website, http://www.helpmesave300.com , where he named all the kids and said he wouldn’t have them arrested. That was his first mistake.

He offered the animals the opportunity to return to his house and put things right.

So naturally the parents of the animals threatened to firebomb his house. According to a Sept. 19 article in The New York Daily News, they have also threatened to sue him (!) for publicly identifying their kids. Hint to idiot parents: your offspring already identified themselves on Twitter and Facebook.

The owner estimates that the animals did $20,000 worth of damage to his home, according to the Daily News.

Once upon a time, the shame of having raised a child that could do a thing like this would have been too much to bear. The parents, rather than live as outcasts with everyone in town whispering behind their backs, would have moved. As for what kind of punishment would have been administered to the “child”–

Well, hey, when I was a kid, nothing like this ever happened. We all knew that no form of punishment our parents had ever handed out before would be adequate for such a gross offense as this. Mine, I think, would have imposed the death penalty. So we didn’t do such things!

But they do ’em now. And what does that say about their parents?

P.S.: The link above doesn’t seem to work. The HuffPo article cited is by Kelly Lynch, Sept. 24, “An Open Letter to the Parents of the Stephentown 300.”

7 comments on “Raising Children to be Animals

  1. You are insulting animals comparing them to these mouth breathers. Animals don’t act like that at all. Spoiled, degenerate, self-centered kids, raised by parents who are basically wastes of skin, act like that.

    1. “Wastes of skin”–I like it, I like it.
      I called these kids “animals” not because I have a low opinion of animals, but because I thought that was the label the parents would find most offensive.

  2. Their parents do not ‘raise’ these children, they allow their offspring to act irresponsibly, and then defend them when they are chastised by others. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter facilitate the mob gatherings at illicit parties. Nobody, apart from conservative Christians cares. It is a wonder the story even made the newspapers!

  3. I’m appalled. It’s a difficult thing to face considering what things were like in our day, but I suppose it was inevitable since society has degenerated to this point having been led there by the serpent. Godless shells in the ‘me’ generation..

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