More Books to Rot Your Teen’s Mind

My local library is going to host a talk by a certain author of Young Adult fiction. And the high school has assigned one of his novels to be read by two of the English classes.

This particular novel is about a boy who shows up to high school wearing lipstick. Once upon a time, if some freak tried that, he would’ve been sent straight home with a sharp letter to his parents. He would not have been allowed to ponce around all day, creating a disruption. But of course now everyone else is required to endorse his loony lifestyle.

The purpose of these novels, we are told, is to “confront issues all teens face on their journey to adulthood.” Huh? Could it be that “all teens” have to “confront” these issues because certain adults are obsessed with shoving them under young people’s noses? In some public school districts, “gender education” starts as young as kindergarten.

Hey, check out the International Reading Association‘s 2013 Young Adults’ Choices Reading List (it’s a pdf file on their website). These are the books the IRA deems the cream of the crop. What’s your pleasure? Sexual anarchy, witchcraft, paganism; abortion, morbid obesity, early death–it’s all here, waiting to be shoved into your teenager’s brain by the friendly folks at IRA and your local teachers’ union.

And to the parents who let them do it, a single question–



3 comments on “More Books to Rot Your Teen’s Mind

  1. That book idea is truly appalling, but opposing these books is almost impossible as a concerned parent. All I’ve been able to do is ask to opt-out my kids if a book is read in class I disagree with. Right now they allow it but I know of districts where they don’t let you opt-out. It’s downright Communist in the public schools.

    1. Kaylan, with all due respect, I am convinced that the only way to stop the destruction of our culture is for children to be taken out of public school and given Christian education, either at home or in a Christian school. The public schools are totally in the hands of radicals committed to replacing our way of life with one that is atheistic and tyrannical, based on a vision of a dumbed-down, docile population micro-managed by self-anointed, left-wing “experts.” This is what public education has always been about. You read many extracts from the writings of those persons who created and developed public education over the past 150 years: by their own words, they are found guilty.

      I strongly recommend The Messianic Character of American Education by R.J. Rushdoony, available from The Chalcedon Foundation ( ). Rushdoony lets the “educators” speak for themselves–and you’ll be amazed by what they say!

  2. Interesting that the IRA shares its acronym with a noted terrorist group.

    And didn’t Our Lord say something about millstones and being tossed into the sea about those who corrupt the young?

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