‘Our Conservative Movement,’ LOL

I keep getting calls from assorted politicians’ fund-raisers asking me to give them money “to keep up the momentum of our conservative agenda.”

What? What momentum? What has anybody been conserving lately? Have I slept the sleep of Rip Van Winkle, or is someone pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining?

We’ve got a Marxist “community organizer” (translation: drone) in the White House, our courts are dismantling marriage and the family and trying to erase Christianity from public business, half the churches have bent themselves all out of shape trying to be conformed to this wicked world–what in the world do these people think they’re conserving?

If we lose our Christian faith and Christian culture, if we lose marriage and the family, our republican institutions, and government subservient to God’s laws and the Constitution, there won’t be anything left of America that’s worth conserving.

The next time one of these characters phones you, just as you’re sitting down to supper, try this. Ask them, “Just what is it that you guys think you’re conserving? It sure ain’t marriage, the family, our national identity, or Christianity. If you can’t save those, what good are you?”

Let us know if you ever get an answer that amounts to anything.

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  1. What I decided about this “fiving money to save our ….”, after a lot of prayer, is to write to them and tell them: “I only give to those who include prayer in their efforts because, without God’s help, there is no way my little contribution is going to do any good.” And furthermore, your efforts are useless too-without God’s being involved!”

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