Shocking Video That’ll Turn You into a Monster

Oops, I lost that story. But why let a good headline go to waste? Anyhow, I have another story.

My wife takes surveys on the Internet. Today she took a survey on a new ad for a credit card company. The ad featured a woman rejoicing deliriously in all the great boons that were going to come her way, now that she has such-and-such a credit card. Don’t ask me exactly what she said: I can’t listen as fast as she was talking.

Then came the survey part.

“Do you think this is the kind of ad that people will talk about?”

When was the last time you invited a bunch of friends and family over to talk about commercials? Is there really anyone as benighted as all that? Get a life.

“Do you feel this ad was sincere?”

If your mind just naturally associates words like “sincere” and “commercial,” you probably need a lot more supervision than you have.

“Your responses indicate you found this ad annoying. What about it did you find annoying?”

My helpmeet simply answered “everything.” Shakespeare would have said, “How do I detest thee? Let me count the ways.” Commercials are by nature annoying. If the ads are the best thing about the show you’re watching, you need to be watching something else. All right, the ad is better-acted and better-written than a soap opera. It’s less irritating than a heavy nosebleed. But that hardly makes it a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

The ad’s hook is that this woman calls the credit card’s customer service, and–voila! The person who answers the call looks exactly like the caller!

And they call me a fantasy writer.


4 comments on “Shocking Video That’ll Turn You into a Monster

  1. They probably used twins lol.

    You want annoying? My stepdaughter (who’s 27 years old today) knows every jingle to every commercial she’s ever heard – and sometimes goes around the house belting them out repeatedly, in what may be an attempt to watch me devolve into babbling insanity! I’m kidding about her wanting to drive me insane -although this tactic may work – but I’m not kidding that she knows all those commercials! 🙂

  2. No joke, there is an app to watch Geico commercials – and surprise, it’s free.
    How about a new awards show with the red carpet and the works to give out trophies for the best insurance company commercials.

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