More Global Warming Mischief

While everyone was occupied with the boiling disaster that is Obamacare, the Worst President Ever issued yet another executive order on Friday, Nov. 1. This peach is entitled, “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change.”

And the way we do that, boys and girls, is… can you guess?… to give the federal government more power! Because if the schmendricks in Washington get enough power, they’ll control the weather and protect us from Global Warming. (See the report from GOP USA, Nov. 4, on Free Republic.)

They will Save the Planet by setting up a special “climate change task force” of progs and ninnies, and by giving the federal government more control of land use and resource policies. By “federal government” they mean the President, especially.

Seeing the terrific job they’re doing, controlling health care, we don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to control the weather, too.

Can you imagine the “climate policy” equivalent of Obamacare?

They should’ve run this out for Halloween! It would’ve given everybody a damned good scare.


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