Runaway Science

Even in these days of the colossal Global Warming Hoax (“Hide the decline!”), we are still offered Science as the last word in authority and truth. Even the Bible can only be true to the degree to which it conforms to Science.

But it’s instructive to see what Science gets up to when it’s feeling frisky.

In 1851, Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright identified a new mental disorder, drapetomania. In a paper read before the Medical Association of Louisiana, Dr. Cartwright, man of science, identified drapetomania as psychological quirk that made “Negroes” try to run away from slavery. If they were mentally healthy, you see, they would be satisfied to remain slaves all their lives. It was only mental illness that would make them aspire to freedom.

As a preventive measure, Dr. Cartwright recommended harsh whippings. As a cure, he recommended cutting off the runaway slave’s big toes.

If he were around today, he would be writing about homophobia, transphobia, or some other imaginary problem.

God is not a man, that He should lie (Numbers 23:19). But scientists are men, and some of them lie like rugs (“Hide the decline!”). And some of them are just plain loopy.


3 comments on “Runaway Science

  1. So, science endorses slavery and the bible does not, is that your point?? BTW, the previous point about the bible being classified as fiction by Costco prompted Dorothy to say that someone at Costco hadn’t read the bible. My point: they probably did read it, that’s why the fanciful stories about Job, Jonah, the talking donkey, the sun & moon standing still, ….this list is endless… belong in the fiction dept. And when I question my Christian friends whether they believe those stories, they grudgingly admit that they don’t.

    1. Actually, I do believe those accounts of miracles. You phrase it so as to belittle them and to disparage Christians.

      I guess we now know what you don’t believe in. So what do you believe in?

      I have never yet met an atheist who could answer that question honestly.

  2. These kind of “scientists” are the ones with mental disorders. St. Paul’s epistles led to the end of slavery in Europe until after the Reformation. God has put it in man’s heart to want to be free because we all know we are slaves to sin. But thanks be to God Who gives us the victory over sin through our Lord Jesus Christ!!

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