Toldja! ‘97% Consensus’ on Climate Change is a Crock

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“Only global government can save us!”

Not that we should be at all surprised by this, but a libertarian group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has filed a formal complain against NASA for the space agency’s 2013 claim, endlessly repeated since then, that “97% of scientists” believe human activity is the chief cause of “climate change” (

NASA arrived at that figure, CEI charges, by simply ignoring some 8,000 published scientific papers whose authors were “undecided” about the issue.

The Obama administration corrupted everything it touched, including NASA. Like all the rest of the Climbit Change Alarmist Marching & Chowder Society, NASA fudged the figures to come up with the political statement that they wanted. Science and politics is always such a bad mix.

Don’t expect NASA to recant until all the Obama appointees are weeded out. Then maybe the space agency can get back to exploring space.

Until then, they’re just another bunch of left-wing liars making a play for global government.

They’re Anti-Science!

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I was hoping I’d never have to say this, but I can’t keep it a secret any longer.

My two cats are Anti-Science. Both of them. I think a squirrel outside, when they were sitting in an open window, tricked them into being Anti-Science, but I can’t prove it, even though I know that particular squirrel is a Racist and a Biggit and a Hater.

What am I to do? My veterinarian doesn’t offer Sensitivity Training For Cats.

How do I know they’re Anti-Science? I hear you ask. Yeah, well, okay, I don’t exactly hear you. You’re probably Anti-Science, too. Anyway, I know they’re Anti-Science because they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for president. Every living thing that didn’t vote for her is Anti-Science. And must be punished!

These cats pay absolutely no attention to The Scientific Search for the Transgender Gene, or Scientific Proof That It Rained on the Rocks and the Rocks Came Alive, or Teaching 13-Year-Old Kids to Abstain from Sex Will Make Them Pregganint, or Climbit Change It Is Caused by Religion And It Will Kill Us All Unless We Give the Government Lots of New Powers And All Our Money. You can’t get them up for any Science at all.

Where in the Constitution does it allow you to be Anti-Science?

New York Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is ‘Anti-Science’

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Well, now I’ve heard everything.

The New York Times, once the cheerleader for Stalin, says it’s “anti-science” to encourage teenagers not to have sex until they’ve finished school and are emotionally ready for a long-term commitment ( The Times editors say that “defies all common sense.”

They wouldn’t know common sense if it ran up and bit them in the butt.

The Times excoriates the Trump administration for backing efforts to promote abstinence as pregnancy prevention and a sure way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Gee, you mean it isn’t? Like, how are you supposed to get pregnant or get an STD if you don’t have sex?

Maybe by reading the New York Times.

Bill Nye the Gender Guy

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Nobody does more than Bill Nye “the Science Guy” to foster the notion that science is crap.

When he’s not campaigning for people who don’t believe his Global Warming schtick to be thrown in jail, the former PBS kids’ TV star–ooh! he has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering!–is carrying water, now, for the transgender delusion. On his new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, this guy with a bachelor’s degree said there ain’t just two genders, male and female, but gender is “more like a kaleidoscope” ( Dig it–“the gender kaleidoscope.” Someone is sure to parley that into a federal grant.

By the way…”saves the world” from what? Nye says abortion is good. Maybe he saves the world from babies.

In 1996, on his PBS show, Nye said “gender” was determined by chromosomes. XX chromosome=female. XY chromosome=male. No kaleidoscope. His recent remarks would appear to conflict with his former observations.

The alleged fact-checker,, rushed to defend him from the charge of being against the gender spectrum before he was for it. “His understanding is evolving” [extra credit for saying it “evolves”!]. And, “Nye’s understanding of sex and gender, as well as the world’s, has grown since then.” Now you know why I don’t pay a lot of attention to Snopes.

Nye says, “We have to listen to science. And the science says we’re all on a spectrum.”

“Science says.” It’s just like “Simon says.” We offer a brief translation: “I am the smartest person here, so what I say, goes for everybody. The rest of you, shut up!”

Yup. It’s crap.

Climate Change Gang Sinks to New Low

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I’ve always considered it the nadir of decency to try to win a political argument by roping children into it. I hated it when I was a reporter. Teachers want a raise: they trot out the kiddies to plead for it. Politicians want to raise your taxes: “It’s for the children.” Disgusting.

Now the Global Warming mongers at the Weather Channel are exhorting children to nag their parents about “Climate Change” ( ). Notice they want the kiddies to warn mommy and daddy that Man-Made Climbit Change “could be very catastrophic.” Is there such a thing as slightly catastrophic?

They’ve even got a poster for the li’l ones, that reads, “Climate Change is real, it’s bad, and it’s caused by humans.” It’s not real, such “climate change” as there is in nature is caused by natural forces which no government, no matter how big, can control, and if you’re stuck living in the Sahara, maybe a little change in the climate might be welcome.

They also seek to equip the kiddies with such gems of unanswerable wisdom as “This year [plug in any year] was the hottest year on record,” and, of course, the meaningless and incredible pseudo-statistic, “97% of scientists” believe in Man-Made Global Warming and we’re all gonna die unless the gubmint gets a lot bigger and a lot more power in a hurry, blah-blah.

We note in passing that John Coleman, one of the founders of the Weather Channel, calls Man-Made Climate Change “baloney.”

Well, there you have it. Liberals can’t win arguments by employing reason, let alone facts: for them, there are only politically useful pseudo-facts. Also known as lies. But when all else fails, they can bring on The Children. And anyone who doesn’t buy what those liberals are selling is against The Children, boo, hiss!

God must be really, really mad at us, to allow us to be lorded over by such slimy people.

I pray that we’ll repent with all our hearts, and that then He’ll forgive us and get rid of them.

Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!

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Do you have to be moral, to be a “moral philosophy professor”? Nah.

One of these intellectual ginks at Johns Hopkins University has written a book in which he declares we gotta fight Climate Change by having way fewer babies ( ). Yup: too many people on the Plaaaanet, poor ol’ Gaia, blah-blah-blah.

Government–and interllecturals–he reluctantly concludes, will find it necessary “to pressure families” to stop making babies: because modern people just will not “give up their toys” and scale themselves back to an 11th-century lifestyle. By “toys” he means things like refrigerators and air conditioning.

Yo, sunshine! Which of those toys have you given up?

He does not deal with the colossal amount of evidence that “climate scientists” and government agencies are lying, lying, lying about all this. Instead, he brands his critics, and anyone else who won’t agree with him, as “the far-right hate machine.”

The wisdom of God speaks truly: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

P.S.–Yes, I know I complain all the time about the noise and crowding in this part of New Jersey. But not being a liberal, I do not demand that my emotional reactions to my particular circumstances be made the basis of public policy affecting everyone.

White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming

As if doctors already didn’t spend time enough with their patients to find out what’s wrong with them and make it better–my sister is a nurse practitioner, and she knows all about “15 minutes per patient, or bust”–now President *Batteries Not Included wants physicians to bust their patients’ chops about Global Warming ( ).

So you break a finger playing basketball, and you go to the doctor. And after he gets done counseling you not to smoke, and asking if anybody in your family has a gun, he gets started on Global Warming, and how we’re all gonna die, yatta-yatta, and you just gotta support the (ugh) president’s “regulatory agenda”–and oops! Your 15 minutes are up, you’re finger’s still broken, and you might as well move on to the emergency room and sit around for hours and hours waiting for some kind of medical treatment.

Coming off the two coldest winters I’ve ever seen, back-to-back, punctuated by a not very hot summer, I’ve had it up to here with Global Warming. It’s a lie, it’s a scam, and that’s all there is to it.

Look, when something is pushed by Obama, Gore, Kerry, Clinton, and the UN, it has zero probability of being true. But they keep on pushing it because Saving the Planet is the greatest excuse any tinpot statist liar ever thought of for doing absolutely anything they please.

When are they going to let doctors go back to being doctors?

Never, if they can help it.

Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture

Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs

I’ve discovered a book that’s blowing my head apart–Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs by James A. Herrick (IVP Academic, 2008). It’s a big, hefty book jam-packed with information, and it’s going to take me some time to work my way through it. But what I’ve read so far is dynamite.

Science fiction and popularized science saturate our popular culture. As a child of the 1950s, I remember science fiction as 100% fun–not something that new religions are made of. But that was a child’s perception.

On purpose, science fiction writers and movie-makers, and producers of the kind of “science” that gets into our popular culture via TV specials and other mass media, have for decades been trying to wean their readers away from Christianity and replace it with something of their own invention. Okay, that’s a big thing to say; but Professor Herrick proves it with quotes aplenty, going back to the very beginnings of science fiction.

I know a guy who once told me, in all solemnity, “Jesus was a hybrid. He was half-extraterrestrial. That’s how He was able to do the things He did.”

There are millions of people out there with that kind of garbage in their heads. And as persons consciously and purposefully engaged in what they themselves call “myth-making,” or “the creation of new myths to replace the old,” science fiction writers and science hucksters have a lot to answer for.

Meanwhile, if you “create” “a new myth,” where does truth come in? Why should anybody but a total putz believe in something you created? But then the whole business of our public education system is to crank out total putzes.

God’s word is true. Most of these days, it’s the only truth we’re likely to hear. It’s true whether anyone believes it or not. It is not the creation of a human mind, or human hands. God Himself is true, and always speaks the truth.

The inroads made into the beliefs and worldviews of tens of millions of Americans–convincing them that “Science” has all the answers, super-advanced aliens are only waiting to make contact with us so that they can save us from ourselves, Evolution will transform us into higher beings that are a big improvement over what we are now, and so on and so on–are the deliberate work of persons who wish to sit where God sits.

But those inroads could not have been made if the Church had lived up to its duty to proclaim the truth at all times–and by “Church” I don’t mean the institutional church in its innumerable divisions which becomes an end in itself, but the Church and kingdom of priests that consists of all believers, all Christ’s people.

We are the ones who have been silent. We haven’t done our duty. We are the watchmen who failed to sound the trumpet, to warn the people that the sword was coming. Our God will judge us harshly for our silence.

We’ve slept through several decades of this .

Now it’s time to wake up and proclaim the truth.

[Note: R.J. Rushdoony blazed this trail in 1967 with his The Mythology of Science, available via The Chalcedon Foundation, . It’s a fast read, and you will be amazed at the sheer poppycock being spouted by scientists back then.]

Pope Bets His House on ‘Climate Change’

Pope Leo X, whose shenanigans touched off the Protestant Reformation. Pope Francis I has a chance to out-fail him.

With the moral authority of his church still disabled by its world-wide pedophilia scandal, the Red Pope is staking all they have left on one last throw of the dice.

So we’re all waiting for the Red Pope’s encyclical that’s going to make belief in Global Warming a religious issue (hint: it already is) and give a huge lift to the political Left throughout the Western world ( ).

If the dice show craps, the Red Pope could go down in history as the pope who buried the Roman Catholic Church.

Why do I call him the Red Pope?

Because all his life he’s been an advocate and pusher of Big Government, and government as the solution to every human problem.

Nothing, but nothing, can beat Saving the Planet from Climate Change as an excuse to grow the government. As an excuse, in fact, to do anything.

As icing on the cake, one of the Red Pope’s close advisers in 2009 publicly said half the population of the world, like, has got to go. And, to make it even more fun for government types who batten on the human race like ticks, this guy has advised the pope that the world needs an “Earth Constitution” as the supreme source of law–Bible, schmeible–and a “Planetary Court.” ( )

As a general rule of life: When individuals and groups that have repeatedly been caught lying and cheating, propose radical new policies that will fabulously enhance their own wealth and power… don’t believe them!

Don’t ever believe them.

‘Gay Marriage’ Study–Fake, Fake, Fake

Not that this should come as any kind of surprise to anybody, but a major “scientific” study supporting same-sex “marriage” has been retracted by its author… because it has turned out to be a fraud ( ).

Is science even science anymore? Do they ever tell the truth? We’ve already seen this in regard to Global Warming–suppressing some data, overemphasizing other data, claiming press releases are “peer-reviewed scientific papers,” suing, bullying, and mobilizing political pressure against critics and dissenters: all justified in the name of the good cause of Saving the Planet.

In the case of the “gay marriage” study, we were asked to believe that Science “proves” that most Americans are gung-ho for it, and anyone can be converted to the cause just by twenty minutes’ worth of conversation with a “gay person.”

Now the alleged researchers have admitted that they faked it. Oops.

Common sense break: If it were true that the American people really do want “gay marriage,” there would immediately be legislation to establish it and we wouldn’t be in the freakin’ Supreme Court waiting for the judges to ram it down our throats. If it’s so popular, bunky, just put it on the ballot!

I was brought up to believe in science.

I don’t anymore.