A Prayer for Christmas

I know there are some of you out there who think it’s wrong and non-Christian to celebrate Christmas. I understand your point of view and respect it, but I haven’t come here today to debate it. I am here merely to offer the following prayer, and to invite anyone who pleases to pray it with me.

Father in heaven, I beseech you to endow with power and glory this year’s Christmas season, more than past Christmases: because we need it more today.

Let this day, chosen to proclaim the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a solid fact of history, have power to revive our hearts with love for You and for Your Son, and to renew our minds.

Above all, give it power to move our hearts to repentance, that our poor, fallen, sinful country might be saved. Turn us, O Lord, turn us back to You, and cause Thy face to shine: and then we shall be saved. Amen

There. That didn’t hurt so much, did it?


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