What a Dream I Had!

I’m worn out today because I had a strenuous night. That is, I had a very strenuous dream.

I dreamed I was with John Carter on Mars. For those who don’t know, John Carter is the hero of Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ immortal “Barsoom” (Mars) novels. If you haven’t read them, and you like wild imagination and high adventure, you can’t do better than these.

Last night, John Carter’s adopted city, Helium, was overwhelmed by an enemy horde. They thronged the city streets and were breaking into Carter’s own palace. It was a surprise attack, and the defenses were failing.

With the enemy breaking into room after room, John Carter had to save his princess, Dejah Thoris, the mother of his children. At first she refused to part from him; but he convinced her by saying, “If I live, the people will fight. If you live, they will hope.” (Not a bad line for the ol’ sleeping brain to come up with, eh?)

So he sent her to Earth, along with a few loyal warriors to protect her. (If you’ve read the books, you’ll know how he does this; I don’t have space to explain it here.) Then he went off with his sword to see if he could save his city.

At this point I woke up. But when I went back to sleep–voila!–I was back on Earth with Dejah Thoris, and we were trying to find a place to hide. Eventually John Carter arrived, alone. Helium had fallen, but he had a plan to return and try again. But meanwhile, the enemy had sent a group of assassins to Earth to find and kill John Carter and Dejah Thoris. They were disguised as members of a nasty cult, and avoiding them was going to be difficult.

And then my own wife suddenly went missing…

The rest is too jumbled to tell coherently, and I woke in the morning before it could all be sorted out. So I wonder what tonight has in store for me!

I can hardly describe how vivid this dream was. I really was in Helium, with swords clashing everywhere, Red and Green Martians fighting on both sides, with Carter’s Black and Yellow allies desperately dashing for Helium in their airships, knowing they were already too late. I wish I could tell you what it was like in Carter’s palace.

I am really pooped!


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