A Lesson in Wastefulness

One of the swell features of growing up in the 1950s was, your mother would serve you canned wax beans or weary meat loaf for supper, you’d sit there staring at it, and she would say, “Don’t you know that there are children starving in Korea/India/Europe? Stop fussing and clear your plate!”

As tiresome as this was, it did teach a moral lesson. Food is the gift of God. To waste it, knowing that there are many people who really are starving, is a sin. I don’t mean you should force your children to eat wax beans. But food should be respected.

Which brings us to Uintah Elementary School in Utah, where, recently, school employees snatched away the lunches from some 50 kids and threw the food into the garbage, because it was discovered that these children owed money for school lunch (see http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/31/utah-school-takes-lunches-from-students-in-debt.html?_r=1 ). Right in front of a whole lunchroom full of children, adults took the uneaten, untouched food and tossed it.

What lesson did that teach?

Well, we already know that public schools are run by moral imbeciles who concentrate on teaching the three S’s–sex, self-esteem, and socialism. So why wouldn’t they waste perfectly good food?

Utah, wake up! Unless you do something about your public schools, your red state is going to be turned blue. The same teacher unions that control education in Progressive wildernesses like New Jersey, Oregon, and Chicago control the schools in Utah. They are teaching your children to be aliens.

Do something about it.

[Sorry, the link to the Jan. 31 New York Times article doesn’t work. It is not my fault.]

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  1. Re. schools. There is a big problem here: those who run the schools and the parents who allow them to are from the same ghetto that’s been “educating” children for the last hundred years! If you are reading these comments, you are fortunate because you must be in the small minority who has learned to read! and are interested in subjects such as this one.

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