Plead With the Lord to Save Us

Warning: The following is not for you, if you have a weak stomach.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, taxpayer-funded, has produced a video informing teenagers (and pre-teens) of the joys of sadomasochism. It’s part of Planned Parenthood’s National Kink Month. This Lifenews article includes a link to Planned Parenthood’s video on this revolting subject, .

The video features a gabbling airhead, possibly supposed to be a teenage girl, chattering away about how sadomasochistic “sex” can be “safe” and “fun”–in fact, slapping someone around, or tying her up and sticking pins into her, “relies upon and creates trust.”

Our country is in deep, deep trouble. Not content to follow ancient Israel and Judah in crime and idolatry, for which God razed their Holy City and sent them into captivity in Babylon, now we want to follow Sodom and Gomorrah, too.

The stink of our nation’s sins rises to high heaven, and every day we think of new ones. I think we’re too far gone to save ourselves. We need national repentance–but do you think that babbling bimbo in the Planned Parenthood video is ever going to repent? Do you think the moral imbeciles in Washington or Hollywood are ever going to repent?

Only one power is strong enough to save us now: God’s power, the power that made the heavens and the earth.

Plead with Him to exert that power, that irresistible power, to turn us, turn us back to Him; and make His face to shine; and then, and only then, we shall be saved.

Otherwise, we’ve had it.

4 comments on “Plead With the Lord to Save Us

  1. We’ve had it” only if we don’t follow you–however, you are not alone in calling for repentance. I’ve been doing that for over thirty years, my prayer partner joined me sometime during that period and I am hearing that word more and more.

    It’s not over until the faithful folks finish their job and Our God drops the big bomb! But we must pray right. The enemy of our souls, of our God and of the whole creation must be overcome. That happens when the “enemy within” is being conquered day by day, moment by moment. That can only happen when we don’t lean on our own understanding and in all we do obey our Almighty Creator.

    Please pray for me! I need it worse than anyone having had lots of practice and not having become perfect yet!

  2. I didn’t bother with the video, it’s way too early in the morning for such things. This is sickening! What happened to love? What happened to tenderness? What happened to decency? These people have made a Divine gift into something distasteful.

  3. Congress claims the money given to PPFA doesn’t go to abortions – talk about cooking the books. True, we need national repentance – like yesterday. Romans 13 tells us our gov’t officials are God’s ministers, so why do Christians vote for Satan’s ministers?? If Christians would support Christians for positions in gov’t things might improve. There is currently a political sign in my front yard advertising a solid Christian brother who running for a seat in the State Senate.

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