UK Bureaucrats May ‘Destroy’ Wild Beavers

The Guardian yesterday reported that wild beavers have been seen in England for the first time in several centuries ( ). If you’ve read Bell Mountain, you are familiar with the motif of animals suddenly cropping up where no one expects to see them.

You’d think people would be happy about this. Certainly the scientists and nature-lovers are. But then along comes the government. Let me quote from the news article:

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is investigating the sighting as it is against the law to release beavers in England. A spokeswoman said the department would “look into this case and will consider what action to take.”

She said she could not comment on whether the beavers could be removed from the site or destroyed.

Destroyed? Scientists are sure these are not captive beavers that have been released, no one has been harmed by the wild beavers… and The Smartest People in England are actually thinking about maybe killing them off?

Maybe the beavers could be protected from the government by proving that they’re homosexual beavers. Or Muslim beavers.

If not, the rare fuzzy critters had better watch out.

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