A Lesson in Prayer–From a Mouse

Which is better–to make one or two really long prayers every day, or to make a lot of really short ones?

Personally, I think both will serve, depending on the needs of the moment. Much is said in favor of long prayers. I agree with it. But I have something to say in favor of a lot of little prayers.

I used to have a pet mouse named Sleepy. I’ve had many pet mice, but Sleepy was unusually affectionate, and the bond between us was especially close.

Sometimes I would take her out of her cage, lie down on the living room floor, and turn her loose to see what she would do. (No, we didn’t have cats then!) She would venture a few feet away, then come skittering back to me as fast as she could. Sniff, sniff, pet, pet. Then she’d explore a few feet farther, and come running back again. She’d go a little farther each time until she reached the end of the room, and always come back.

I have no idea what a grown human being looks like to a mouse. Really, it’s impossible to imagine. But my mouse must have loved and trusted what she saw in me, because she showed it by her actions.

We could do very much worse than to run back to God for a few moments, many times a day.

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  1. Re. your little mouse: I loved your story and your prayer ideas are “right up my alley”! Did I ever send you the story of “Teusy, the Little Mouse Who almost missed the Boat”? If not, I know you’d enjoy it. Let me know and I’ll send you a copy.

    1. Yes, Dorothy, I have it right here in my living room. Please feel free to tell our readers where they can get your book, if it’s available.

      I had another mouse who used to groom my mustache. I guess she liked it all tidy. She had nine babies, and divided them into three groups of three so she could care for them more efficiently. There are high school students who couldn’t do that.

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