Scotland Scheme Rivals Obamacare for Wickedness

The Scottish Parliament last week passed a law assigning each and every child in Scotland to a government-appointed “overseer” (see ). This folly is already being challenged in court: who will turn out to be the John Roberts of Scotland?

Everywhere in this fallen world, freedom is being hunted down and killed–most commonly, in alleged defense of someone or other’s “rights”. In Scotland, the government proposes to devour the family in obedience to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children’s rights–get it? Let us set aside a minute for hysterical laughter.

One wonders if the peoples of the Western world have lost all self-respect, that they consent to be herded and prodded like cattle by a collection of fools, criminals, perverts, and wackos whose like we see today. Doubtless the people of Scotland elected these creatures to Parliament.

This legislation includes a presumption of guilt: it sees parents in Scotland, all of them, as incompetent and inadequate at best, and liable to be criminally abusive at worst. They just can’t raise their kids, so the government has to ride herd over them.

A word of warning, folks.

These people are not herding you to paradise.

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