Calling Evil Good

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil…  Isaiah 5:20

Yes, we have reached that point in our cultural decay.

I received another email from the publicist who is promoting the book about the bisexual woman and “the man of her dreams” who used to be a woman. He calls me a “hater.” He, on the other hand, is promoting a moral good. “I think the Big Guy is with me on this one,” he says. I suspect “the Big Guy” is his euphemism for the living God who created the heavens and the earth, and is the source of immutable moral law.

So… God is on his side in promoting radical sexual anarchy; and God is against His own word, as given in the Bible. We know that because some guy in California says so.

Well, yes, Mr. Perky Publicist, I hate what you do. I pity the poor, lost souls for whom you have appointed yourself the cheerleader: but I hate you as a servant of the darkness.

May God erase your works from human memory.

6 comments on “Calling Evil Good

  1. The Big Guy; what utter disrespect for the Creator. I’m about the size of the average high school football star and I’m called “Big Guy” on occasion, which I hate. I might wear a men’s extra-large shirt in a tall size, but I hate being reduced to “Big Guy”.

    The Bible makes a clear stance on these matters, there’s no reason to discuss that in detail at this time and place. I know many people that are homosexual and treat them with respect and kindness. While I live according to the Bible’s standards on such matters, I don’t take it upon myself to judge them in any way. That’s between them and God.

    Nonetheless, I hold to the Bible’s standards on this matter as I endeavor to do in all matters. Hate isn’t in the equation, neither is judgment.

    1. Exactly. I don’t judge people and He doesn’t troubleshoot computer networks 🙂 (although I’ve prayed for help in my work on many occasions). He loves everyone. He loves sinners enough to have allowed His own son to come to earth and be mistreated to the point of death so that ALL people have the opportunity for salvation, but we, as individuals, still have to do our part.

  2. It used to be common to refer to the church on earth as being “militant” and the one in heaven as being “at rest.” We are in a spiritual battle and our enemy is not flesh and blood. But actually the church on earth is to be both militant and at rest. The victory belongs to the Lord of Sabaoth.

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