Feds Sought to Vandalize “Millions” of Computers

Fox News has reported that the NSA pretended to be Facebook in order to infect “millions” of computers with malware ( http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2014/03/12/nsa-pretended-to-be-facebook-in-its-effort-to-infect-millions-computers/ ).

With my own exceedingly feeble understanding of computer stuff, don’t ask me to interpret this story for you. Read it yourselves. Nevertheless, I am moved to comment:

What kind of “government” is this–that pretends to be something else so that it can vandalize private property? I gather that the purpose of the malware was to enable the NSA to spy on the computers’ owners. Where were the millions of court orders they should have needed for that?

Out, out, out with our entire ruling class!

Libs ‘n’ progs, of course, as they always do, will insist the story isn’t true because Fox News reported it and everybody knows Fox News is just a bunch of racist Climate Change deniers who trick poor, gullible people into believing things that libs ‘n’ progs don’t want them to believe.

Are you as tired of these people as I am?

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