‘The Palace’ is Out (and so is our old bed)

The sixth book of my Bell Mountain series, The Palace, has been published and is now on sale. You can order it here (just click “Books”), or find it on amazon.com and order it there. The Palace has only been in print for a matter of hours, and is awaiting its first Customer Review.

My book launch on Tim Wildmon’s American Family Association internet TV show is still on for Monday morning, March 24, at 11:15 a.m. Eastern Time.

Note: The Palace is not yet available in Kindle format, but it will be, soon. I admit the beautifully produced, durable paperback edition will cost you slightly more than you’d have to pay to see The Great Gatsby with a hip-hop sound track. But then you can read the book again for free.

On a personal note, my wife ordered us a new mattress and box springs, which were delivered this morning. Every 37 years, like clockwork, we replace our bed.

This mattress is at least twice as high as the old one. If you fall out of this bed, you’re gonna need a parachute.

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